Currently, the industrial sector must face many challenges related to digitization, the globalization of markets and new production and communication flows.

Therefore, the concept of Industry 4.0 has become part of our daily lives, opening up a wide range of opportunities to all types of businesses related to the industry. This revolution represents a great opportunity to increase added value and create a competitive advantage over the rest, although it also implies a series of changes that the market demands to carry out.

One of the most important points of an industrial business is its production. In this case, every company, if it wants to stand out from its competition, will need to cover the demand effectively, going through an optimized, controlled and higher quality production.

If we add to this that customers and suppliers demand services with greater immediacy, quality and efficiency, we can come to understand the situation in which the industrial sector finds itself. To meet these types of demands, it is vital to strengthen production activity, avoiding risk situations and going through the safe automation of many processes.

Taking this context into account, the appearance of trading platforms that work with Artificial Intelligence emerges as the ideal solution for many companies. The application of AI in factories has brought with it numerous advantages that promote the proper functioning of these businesses, marking a before and after in the sector.

How Artificial Intelligence improves the manufacturing process

The use of Artificial Intelligence is becoming more widespread in industrial businesses, since, thanks to these types of improvements, it is possible to automate all kinds of processes, minimizing downtime and optimizing the use of all its assets.
Making use of the latest digital technologies, these are some of the most interesting applications that help drive and optimize production processes:

Planning and production control

Most production lines in a factory are made up of countless machines, equipment, and processes. Having control of each and every one of the parts of the production flow can prevent all kinds of errors, optimize times and correct errors in time.

Through the installation of practical IoT sensors, combined with AI and Big Data, it is possible to take advantage of and manage the large amount of data that the machinery generates. The collection of information through sensors travels to centralized systems to subsequently display all this information in a simple, intuitive and visual way.

Thanks to the control of all this data, the team will be able to make decisions based on data with greater security and precision.

Optimization of quality controls

Artificial Intelligence applied to the industry provides much more precise quality controls. By collecting data from the manufacturing process, it monitors how each piece of equipment behaves and operates, being able to find errors and misprints that affect the final result of the product.

Machine Learning technology has the ability to combine human intelligence with everyday technologies to revolutionize manufacturing processes. A better production implies, fully, a final product of higher quality.

Uninterrupted production

If you want to avoid annoying breakdowns that constantly interrupt the production line at all costs, it is important to carry out proper maintenance.

To do this, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, predictive maintenance can be applied, which includes effective data analysis, reducing costs and increasing production efficiency.

What should the ideal tool for production control be like?


Digital twins to optimize production

The digital twin prevents all kinds of interruptions and downtime in a factory. These are capable of calculating possible KPIs to evaluate the performance of an activity or the productivity of an asset.

With a DT, additional production lines are dispensed with, acting as a virtual version of the asset. Therefore, a digital twin will offer higher performance, lower maintenance and the opportunity to add value to production.

Optimize your company’s production with Nexus Integra

Nexus Integra is the integrated operations platform that will help you have greater control over production, improving and optimizing each and every one of its phases.

With this powerful tool you will be able to make use of Artificial Intelligence to optimize your processes and even carry out predictive analysis to obtain a competitive advantage.

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