Nexus Integra Partner Program

The opportunity to transform your business ecosystem starts here

Nexus Integra provides a technological network able to cover the complete value-chain to address the digital transformation in different sectors, no matter your level of actual digitalization.

The Nexus Integra ecosystem is a collection of SW solutions and products that can cover different technological areas, from HW sensoring to Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Reality based on a proven IoT Big Data Platform designed by Nexus Integra to easily integrate, scale-up, manage and operate multiple, heterogeneous and disperse assets.

The partners that make bigger our
Technology Ecosystem


To build and scale-up trusted SW applications that expand the Nexus Integra Ecosystem.

Technology Consultancies
and Distributors

To provide and sell advanced SW solutions in different sectors based on a proven IoT Big Data Platform.


To deploy, configure, manage and support Nexus Integra Industrial IoT Big Data platform.

Benefits of joining our partner ecosystem

Nexus Integra is the perfect partner to transform the business model. The provider that
help you manage data-variables, optimize information processes and making
information accessible everywhere.

Recurso 41-200
Strategic Alliance
Recurso 36-200
Set of proven solutions
Recurso 37-200
Footprint diversification
Recurso 38-200
Build and deliver solutions
Recurso 39-200
Continuous innovation
Recurso 40-200
Sell turn-key projects

Strategic Alliance with Solution Providers for specific SW applications that need to grow with low investments. Nexus Integra provides the ability to design vertical SW solutions on top of it. It has been already successfully integrated with solutions for Water Management, Ceramic Production Management, Energy Efficiency and Operational Process Efficiency.

Access to a complete set of proven solutions from Nexus Integra Ecosystem. Consultancy partners are able to expand their market strategy thanks to a more competitive offer based on the wide products and solutions portfolio delivered by Nexus Integra Technology Network.

Footprint diversification in different business sectors. Nexus Integra is an Industrial IoT Big Data platform that helps to manage, maintain and operate continuous information processes. It can be used for different purposes based on the valued-added solutions used.

Be able to build and deliver your own solutions thanks to the wide range of applications that have been developed based on Nexus Integra platform.

Continuous innovation thanks to the combination of a standardized IoT Big Data Platform and the sectorial knowledge and expertise of the SW Solution providers.

Sell turn-key projects and services to your customers thanks to the flexibility of the solutions ecosystem provided by Nexus Integra.

Become our partner and enjoy the technological
transformation of your business