About Us

The ultimate IIoT and Big Data platform

Nexus Integra is a technological company, pioneer in the implementation of Industrial IoT, which aims to help other companies from different sectors to implement a real digital transformation. With more than 10 years of experience, we are part of one of the largest corporate groups in Spain, Global Omnium, with more than 3,000 employees and 3.5 million customers.

Global Omnium is a business group with 125 years of experience in water management, recognized as a national and international reference company with presence in more than 400 cities in Europe, South America and the Middle East, where Nexus Integra is the IoT and Big Data platform used for overall management purposes.

Nexus Integra is a proven solution capable of leading this industrial revolution thanks to our wide experience in different sectors, both in public and private companies.

Our main goal

Our objective is to help the companies to achieve the complete the digitalization process of their production, always supporting them throughout their digital transformation.

"From data to knowledge and transformation"

Industrial companies choose Nexus Integra

Our customers trust Nexus Integra, since the company allows them to have a global operations environment based on:

  • The integration and digitalization of all the process data
  • Extra value in the nowadays technological environment
  • Allowing the customers to manage their company’s information efficiently
  • Facilitating their decision making

Nexus Integra in numbers

500 +

Managed assets

200 +

Users with a unique

450K +

Process variables


We are in 3 continents

1 M

Savings in energy
consumption costs

20 %

Cut in maintenance costs

1 K

around the world

70 %

Cut in vertical
apps development

Awarded as the
best technological platform
2018 by iAgua

Our expert team

Our team is composed by a group of highly qualified and experienced people, including software developers, product designers, project managers, and also experts in marketing and business development.

“We are a young company in exponential growth with more than proven experience in the industrial field.”

Discover in this success case how Nexus Integra helped GLOBAL OMNIUM in their water cycle management