How it works

Discover how Nexus Integra works

Connect your assets and improve performance

Nexus Integra helps companies integrate and acquire data from any type of source, processing and standardising it to provide you with useful and relevant information in a global operations environment. Easily analyse, visualise and operate your assets.

Connect, process and visualise data

Three-layer structure

Nexus Connect

This layer allows to ingest large amounts of data generated by control and monitoring elements (sensors, PLC, SCADA) and databases which are dispersed and unstandardized to unify and store them in the most efficient way and then, they can be visualized and exploited.


Nexus Core

This layer is the data engine and it is responsible to standardize and unify all the data collected by connectors. Data collected by different equipment, systems or databases usually are unstructured, as if they were in different languages. Nexus Core traduce all these languages into a unique one creating a Big Data lake that businesses are able to exploit with the help of the third layer.


Nexus Visual Data

This layer with its vertical connectors offers the possibility to integrate vertical apps developed based on Nexus Core and completely external like ERP, MES, CMMS, SAP, Machine Learning or any other. Nexus Apps gets this by using a public web API Rest which allows to establish a bidirectional communication with Nexus Core.

These apps are able to import the data they need to fulfill their function but, in addition, they can refeed Nexus Core what allows these apps have the necessary data for the creation of patterns facilitating learning and decision making autonomously.


Let data flow

Make your business grow

Transform data into value

Nexus Integra facilitates the exploitation of data through its own applications designed for your business.

Control equipment and monitor in real time the state of production. Create progress charts and SCADAs with a 3D view of the plant layout.

Set alarms for all critical processes. Organise by users. Send it by WhatsApp, e-mail or SMS.

Create easly progress charts of any process and analyze production trends by using personalized reports.


Our specialists will answer your questions and advise you on the implementation of Nexus Integra