Nowadays, we can find more and more optimized, digitized and efficient infrastructures. Machine Learning appears as a scientific discipline that is part of Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to its numerous applications, it is capable of helping thousands of businesses to achieve operational excellence.

Why is this discipline so well known and what makes it so special? In this article you will learn about all aspects of Machine Learning and discover how it can help you boost your business.


What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a concept closely linked to Artificial Intelligence. AI is a technology that has the ability to mimic human reasoning and encompasses concepts such as Deep Learning or Machine Learning; but we will talk about all of them in more detail in this other post: Deep Learning vs Machine Learning.

Machine Learning emerges as a result of Artificial Intelligence and the need to analyze large amounts of data to establish patterns and even to be able to establish predictions using a series of sophisticated algorithms.

The most interesting point about Machine Learning is that learning is carried out autonomously, without the need for any kind of programming.

The main difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning is that the latter uses neural networks. In other words, a different kind of algorithm. These provide a different interpretation of the data, being able to operate under voice recognition, object detection, etc.

This technology can be found in a multitude of sectors: from industry, to healthcare, ceramics and the automotive industry


The 4 industries that benefit the most from machine learning


How Machine Learning works

El Machine Learning funciona mediante algoritmos matemáticos complejos que tienen la capacidad de identificar patrones en conjuntos de datos. Esta tecnología recoge esta información y, con ella, es capaz de elaborar conclusiones y predicciones de gran interés para todo tipo de empresas.

Esto significa que la máquina no aprende por sí misma, sino que el algoritmo que se modifica con la entrada constante de datos predice estos escenarios futuros sin ningún tipo de intervención humana.


Machine Learning Applications

Machine Learning can be developed in almost any type of sector. The main applications of this technique are related to the analysis of Big Data, an unachievable task for humans.


  • Machine Learning in the financial sector

With the aim of automating processes, many companies in the finance sector use Machine Learning systems to optimize the work of administrative staff, generate chatbots or other tools focused on streamlining tasks of any kind.


  • Machine learning in the healthcare sector

Smart hospitals are multiplying year after year. Digital transformation has reached hospitals with the aim of optimizing the patient experience and offering impeccable service.

Thanks to the deep learning capabilities of AI, Machine Learning is applied in many hospitals to manage huge amounts of data that are applied, for example, to preventive medicine.


  • Application of Machine Learning for Smart Cities

Thanks to Machine Learning, many municipalities can detect all kinds of problems occurring in their city. From measuring air quality, to electricity consumption, to other types of measures related to sustainability.


  •  Machine Learning and virtual assistance

The use of Machine Learning applied to virtual assistants is beginning to emerge in the last few years. Virtual assistance uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify what the user needs and convert it into commands to be executed.


  • Machine Learning in Industry 4.0

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence and, specifically, Machine Learning have become the center of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. There are many applications of Machine Learning in the industry that we will develop in the following section.


Machine Learning applications in Industry 4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution combines its efforts in the collection and use of data to facilitate decision making and achieve a competitive advantage. This is why the construction of smart factories has marked a before and after in this sector.

One of the most widely used technologies is Machine Learning, as it has a direct impact on production improvement, product quality efficiency and equipment safety.

The application of Machine Learning in Industry can be carried out in the logistics, maintenance, safety, production, and even HR areas.For example, in the industrial sector, one of the most used applications with Machine Learning and Big Data is Predictive Maintenance. For example, in the industrial sector, one of the most used applications with Machine Learning and Big Data is Predictive Maintenance.


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