Digital transformation

Digital twin: All you need to know

The creation of a digital twin will take the lead in the industrial and business world in the coming years. It is a revolutionary technology as it is capable of improving processes at many levels: from the moment of product […]

Smart City

Smart building: everything about them

Technology is a great ally to optimize the resources of a building and to improve its security. This is becoming increasingly clear to thousands of people around the world. Especially those who live in a smart city. According to Markets […]

Smart City

Smart cities: 4 essential technologies

The development of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain or Geospatial Technology is key to the growth of smart cities around the world. The awareness that these technologies are beneficial for cities is growing […]

Big data

The 9 machine learning applications you should know about

With the dizzying advance in technology in recent years, machine learning applications have multiplied. Increasingly, machine learning technology is understood as a service. Therefore, there are already a number of utilities that are revolutionizing markets and industry, automating processes and […]