Digital transformation

Artificial Intelligence, the best defense in cyber security

Digitalisation and the growing network of industrial machines and systems mean an increased risk of cyber attacks on companies and

Digital transformation

10 questions you should ask yourself before implementing Artificial Intelligence in your company

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) can offer organisations breakthroughs in their production systems and even a competitive advantage

Digital transformation

Big Data vs Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are two of the driving forces behind a variety of technological innovations that have shaped today’s digital environment and Industry 4.0.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation in the ceramic industry

The ceramics sector is one of the most prosperous in the Spanish economy, Spain being the first volume exporter in the European Union and the second in the world.

Digital transformation

Industrial digital transformation, why take the leap?

As consumers, we live in a digitalised world and constantly expect technology to work for us. This is reflected on

Digital transformation

The importance of digital transformation for the industry

According to the latest Harvard Business Review study, approximately US$1.3 trillion was invested in digital transformation in 2018.

Industry 4.0

Are you ready for a Smart Factory?

This is due not only to mechanization, but to control and information systems, which are able to handle complex processes and machinery much more efficiently and cost-effectively than humans. These systems are called industrial automation 4.0.