Artificial intelligence

7 Common myths about Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Data are the great drivers of artificial intelligence, together they promote innovation and business success. These technologies create automatic learning

Big data

How do you know if your Big Data Project will be successful?

Applying Big Data technology is perhaps the most important project in the minds of most executives today, all with high

Digital transformation

10 steps to creating a data-based business culture

The exploitation of large amounts of data has the potential to fuel a new era of innovation for companies. Business

Big data

The relation between Big Data and IoT

The devices that form ‘the Internet of Things’ (IoT) are ideal for making the most of data analysis. These devices

Big data

The role of Big Data in the internationalisation process of companies

In times as ambiguous as these, having access to data and knowing how to filter and analyse it is key to making

Digital transformation

Local or cloud server, which is safer?

Recent years have been marked by the rise of cloud technology; a global network of remote services that operates as a unique ecosystem, generally associated with the Internet. There are countless on-demand service providers offering space in this cloud, and this expanding market has led to the democratisation of access to these tools, which are now accessible to any organisation.

Big data

Why is Big Data the core of the 4.0 industry?

Industry 4.0 is the fusion of the real world with the virtual world. This digital revolution is marked by technology that takes advantage of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to nurture automatic learning systems.