Nexus Integra

An intuitive solution, created to cover your needs

Monitor and manage your assets on a single platform

Secure, embeddable and customisable

Nexus Integra is an open and standard industrial system integration platform that is able to generate a global operational and monitoring framework for the management of large-scale industrial assets. With its powerful three-layer structure, Nexus Integra platform gets to manage all the data generated by the company and display them in the most intuitive way, always adapted to the client’s needs.

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How it works

Operate your physical assets digitally

  • Nexus Connect handles the ingestion of large amounts of data with lack of integrity including the data necessary to ensure interoperability with other corporate information systems.
  • Nexus Core is the information core of the platform, containing standardised, structured and unified information regardless of its source.
  • Nexus Apps is the place that allows users to create customised views of information that has been integrated, through dashboards, alarms, reports and Smart SCADA, and also from apps developed by third-party companies to meet their own needs.

Let data flow

Make your business grow


Designed to suit your needs

Interoperable with equipment, sensors and applications.

Customisable and easy to configure.

Unify and standardise your business information.

Cost reduction maintenance and production.

Scalable installations, data and users.

Global control of dispersed installations.

Real-time and historical display.

Versatile and applicable in any sector.


What makes Nexus Integra unique

Why Nexus Integra

All data under a single analysis and management tool

Where you can implement Nexus Integra

Created to suit the specific needs of each application environment



Our specialists will answer your questions and advise you on the implementation of Nexus Integra