The maintenance sector, and the industrial area in particular, has developed over the last few years. Industrial maintenance includes all those actions that lead us to prolong the correct functioning of machinery, installations and equipment in the different work areas that make up industrial installations.

In this article, we tell you how predictive maintenance is changing the industry, but first let’s look at the distinctions between the different types of maintenance.

Industrial maintenance types

Types of industrial maintenance

Preventive maintenance: destined to the optimal maintenance of the equipment or installations by means of periodic revisions.

Corrective maintenance: includes maintenance activities due to unexpected breakdowns, stopping the operation of the equipment and slowing down production

Autonomous maintenance: this consists of carrying out daily checks in which each worker inspects the equipment superficially, such as measuring pressure, voltage, sensor regulation, cleaning or risk due to exposure to external factors of the devices, such as cold or humidity.

Predictive maintenance: this type of maintenance is the evolution of the three previous ones. It requires advanced training, including knowledge of data analysis, and needs specialized software. This new industrial maintenance technique, like preventive maintenance, seeks to anticipate the situation, avoiding the interruption of production due to the inactivity of the machine or installation. The differential factor of predictive maintenance is the collection and analysis of data in real time to predict and thus prevent the inactivity of installations, with the objective of reducing maintenance costs and increasing production efficiency.


Advantages of predictive maintenance management in the cloud

Reduced costs
One of the main benefits of predictive maintenance management in the cloud is the positive economic impact with cost reduction. This is significant, because the system has no physical data storage structure. The costs associated with hardware and conventional maintenance of these solutions are simplified.

Easy access to data
Accessibility is another major benefit of the system. It makes it easy for management personnel and authorised consultants to have access to the same tools and data, wherever they are needed. In this way, innovation will evolve positively by allowing algorithms to be shared and improved. Staff will become more responsible, understanding the actual and expected performance of the current operational state.

Remote access
This system doesn’t depend on a fixed infrastructure to extract information, so it is possible to consult and monitor the data in real time; not only from any place, but also from any device, guaranteeing a high level of security of data and its history.

Unification of information
Thanks to the unification of data, it’s possible to process it more quickly and efficiently. This will allow to understand and interpret them in a simple way, improving the company’s decision making.

Automatic updates
The system update is automatic, which means low maintenance costs and safety is guaranteed.


Nexus Integra for predictive maintenance of your factory 4.0

Nexus Integra is the integrated operations platform that allows you to get the most out of predictive maintenance. Through a three-layer structure, it allows you to control, monitor and manage all the company’s installations and assets.

Nexus Connect: This layer allows the input of large data generated by the control and monitoring elements (sensors, PLC, SCADA) and databases.
Nexus Core: This layer is the engine of the databases and is in responsible for standarising and unifying all the data collected by the connectors.
Nexus Applications: This layer is made up of the native applications: Smart SCADA, control panels, integral alarm manager, reports, advanced analytics and machine learning and other third-party applications through the Nexus Integra API rest. Its main function is to display data in a simple way to facilitate management and decision-making, contributing to predictive rather than corrective maintenance.

Nexus Integra is a powerful tool for carrying out predictive maintenance strategies in an efficient and automatic way, helping companies to control, monitor and manage installations in any location and in real time, becoming a powerful tool for reducing costs and optimizing production.

Helping organizations to control, monitor and manage facilities in any location and in real time, becoming a powerful tool to reduce costs and optimize production. Do you need advice? Contact us