Nexus Smart City

Nexus Smart City is a solution which allows centralised management of all city services.

  • Improve the quality of life of the citizens
  • Increase efficiency and sustainability
  • Work with an open and interoperable platform
  • Involve all the agents in the city: Hospitals, Schools, Transports, IT Departments, etc.

Smart Solutions

Modular and scalable system to cover any need

Smart Environment

  • Environmental quality
  • Irrigation
  • Lighting
  • Water supply
  • Waste Management
  • Photovoltaic
  • Weather station

Smart Mobility

  • Smart Pedestrians
  • Available Parking spaces
  • Traffic control
  • Bike lane
  • Vehicle charging station
  • Gauging control
  • Tourist saturation

Smart Living

  • Fire detection
  • Video surveillance
  • Sports facilities
  • Air conditioning control

Smart People

  • Informative muppis
  • Social WIFI
  • Citizen Card
  • Citizen APP

Smart environments

Obtained from the combination of our Smart Solutions

Smart environments are a set of implementations of our Smart solutions in specific city scenarios. Each environment can be expanded with multiple Smart Solutions easily and simply when needed.

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What types of environments can I control?

smart hospitals


smart beaches


smart ports


smart sports facilities

Sports facilities

smart buildings

Schools and cultural buildings



Power Plants


A tailor-made solution

Monitor and manage with total ease

  • Open solution. Integrates municipal services in a scalable way.
  • Interoperable. Unified and shared information between all services.
  • Customised reports and dashboards for all agents.
  • Global and centralised alarm management for all services.

How does it work?

Nexus Connect

Data collection

It integrates data intake generated by the Smart Solutions and IoT platforms..

Nexus Core

It unifies and structures

Standardisation and unification of all data, transforming them into useful data for exploitation.

Nexus Apps


The data is captured in a 100% operational and visual interface for management through: analytics, reports and Dashboards, SCADA and notifications and alarms.


A safe, connected and sustainable city

Centralised data

A solution that centralises all municipal services and intelligent infrastructures.

Management and control of KPIs

It monitors services and optimizes resources. Uses preventive and predictive analysis and performs corrective actions.

smart city security

Nexus Security

Certified in the National Security Scheme

Case studies

Discover all the potential of Nexus Integra with a demo adapted to your environment


Nexus Integra is a flexible and powerful platform capable of simplifying daily maintenance tasks thanks to its easy-to-use GUI.


Nexus Integra offers a transversal solution that helps municipalities to manage different services, such as mobility…


Our specialists will solve your doubts and will advise you on the implementation of Nexus Smart City