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Global Omnium

Big Data solutions in the water sector

The industrial IoT and Big Data Nexus Integra platform provides the best solution to multiples areas within the integral water cycle. Nexus Integra was deployed to provide a merged and standardized view of the different process data and geographically dispersed installations in a single platform. Moreover, it is used as hydraulic simulator monitor in real-time the control strategies of a water distribution network, improve the efficiency of the process by collecting historical and real-time data, remotely control and manage water stations and determine the probability of infection by cryptosporidium as a result of the intake of treated water in the potabilization plants.

  • Processes monitoring systems
  • Improve the efficiency
  • €1M in savings in energy consumption
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Increasing production and manufacturing
efficiency rate

Realonda is a company dedicated to the manufacture of ceramic tiles, with more than 80 years of experience. Since the very begining, its priority has been to offer the best service to its customers. To achieve this, his factory has been adapting to technological and sectoral changes as they occurred.

The tailor-made solution provided by Nexus Integra and ITC allows not only to obtain process data in real time, but also to integrate and correlate information from different sources, which grants a much more complete and detailed analysis in each phase of the production process and improve decision-making in a faster and more reliable way.

In this way, they have increased its production and the efficiency index of manufacturing efficiency.

  • Greater control based on real-time data.
  • Improved response times
  • Improved organization and production planning
  • Reduction of production losses
  • Savings in maintenance costs

Sant Boi de Llobregat

Solution for centralised integration and management of solutions

The main challenge for Sant Boi de Llobregat City Council is is to become a sustainable, healthy, cohesive and intelligent metropolitan city. Nexus Integra has provided an operations solution that allows them to integrate and centrally manage different existing solutions and data from air quality measurements, photovoltaic production and energy management of buildings mainly in the industrial area that has great weight in the life of the municipality.

  • Centralised city operations environment
  • Interoperability between all existing applications in the city council
  • Scalability in the efficient and sustainable management of the municipality’s assets
  • Comprehensive management of alarms and notifications to all city agents
  • Real-time management and operation of the different municipal services and assets of the city
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Monitoring and control of your installations

Gestión Integral del Agua de Huelva (GIAHSA) has implemented Nexus Integra, the integrated operations platform for the monitoring and control of its facilities and processes of the integral water cycle.

Nexus Integra allows them to monitor industrial processes remotely from the Smart SCADA application, in addition to offering applications for statistical data processing, parameterizing alarms on such data and interacting with other applications.

As it is an application based on web technology, it can be accessed from any connected point. Giahsa has modified the logic of the automatic operation of the wastewater pumps, thus improving their control and response capacity and, therefore, making the development of the Telecontrol operator’s own activities more efficient.

  • 20% reduction in maintenance costs
  • Centralized process monitoring system
  • Remote operation system (management of manoeuvres and sending of instructions)
  • Real-time view of facilities and their performance
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Data collection and storage

Nexus integra is a big data platform that offers a standardized solution for the collection and storage of data generated in the production process of gearboxes. It allows to solve the problem in the production of gearboxes, because its predictive model detects manufacturing failures beforehand. This avoids the unplanned stoppages that involved a large cost, avoids the production of defective parts and helps to determine the origin of the failures.

  • Production control
  • Predictive analytics
  • Retrospective analytics


Operates remotely all systems and processes

Nexus Integra is a powerful and flexible platform that can simplify daily maintenance thanks to its user friendly GUI.

Operators can easily configure and remotely operate all the systems and processes with no additional investment due to changes in data acquisition systems.

All this data is shown to the user in a variety of modules and applications, such as KIOSC, Smart SCADA and DASHBOARD.

  • Remote Operation
  • No additional investment due to data acquisition changes
  • User friendly GUI
  • Data base integration in use


Support to municipalities for the management of services

Nexus Integra offers a transversal solution that helps municipalities to manage different services, such as mobility, energy efficiency, waste management, lighting structure, public buildings management and infrastructure.

This can be done thanks to an open platform that guarantees the interoperability between vertical application with no additional investment in licensing.

As a result, Nexus Integra allows traceability with historical data to make Smart City objectives measurable and achievable.

  • Data management support in governance, social innovation, energy supply, environment and urban mobility
  • Transversal solution
  • Ability to manage real-time and historical data


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