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Control, monitor and navigate your installations

The Smart SCADA tool by Nexus Integra provides a quick and easy way to build a global operating centre to manage all the geographically dispersed assets of a company.

Users can control, monitor and navigate their installations on a map. Within each of these installations there may be one or more SCADAs.

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BI Dashboards

Best ally to analyze process information to make decisions

The application allows the user to analyze the process information to make decisions and plan the next actions. As well as control the production process from a single point through customisable dashboards.

The BI Dashboards App of Nexus Integra enables the creation of interactive and customizable dashboards of the company with crossed information related to production chain, business department, etc.

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Be notified of any inconvenience
during the process

A customizable alarm system allows to link all critical process to a managed group of users to be aware of any process out of the correct value range.

Alarms App is a very powerful tool since it allows the system users to organize and categorize all the custom defined alarm rules according to many business criteria.



Analyze and share historical data through the whole company

Nexus reporting App allows the users to analyze historical data both online and offline based on MS Excel y PDF reports.

Reports are configured using system data and data views and can be, as well, shared among users and standardized through the whole organization.

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App Machine Learning

The Machine Learning app allows to take profit from specialized algorithms and AI to provide advanced analytics to understand process behaviours in an easy, intuitive and scalable way. This module manages different algorithms to make the best business decisions comparing historical trends and real-time data.


Secured Web API

Allow external applications & Nexus Core exchange information in both directions

Nexus Integra provides a secure web API service to allow external applications to exchange information with the common data core of the platform. This information, flowing in both directions, can be used by these applications to feed their own systems, or by Nexus Integra apps to add complementary processed information, such as the results of AI or ML algorithms.

Users can access external applications from the main menu or from the Smart SCADA app.


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