Industry Solutions

Centralize and model data from your production processes
with our Industrial IoT and Big Data platform

Nexus Integra Industrial IoT and Big Data platform provides tools for the modelling of the production process making it possible to generate within hours an integral operating environment that combines the control of the process with its analysis. This is the true convergence between information technologies (IT) and operating technologies (OT).

The benefits and improvements obtained from this practice can be seen both in the short term, with an integrated control of the operation, as well as in the medium and long term, by articulating the digital transformation of the productive process.

  • Data under control
  • Convergence between IT and OT
  • Benefits in short, medium and long term


The IT and OT convergence methodology that Nexus Integra makes possible can be
applicable to the vast majority of production processes.


Smart infrastructures




Oil & gas

Paper industry

Management of integrated water cycle




Use Cases

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