Smart Industry

Organised centralisation and
modelling of data

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Smart Industry

Nexus Integra is the integrated operational platform that enables industries to address their digital transformation, turning data into knowledge.

Nexus Integra offers a single operations centre that allows you to control, monitor and manage all your facilities, assets and production plants in a simple, fast and autonomous way.It thus becomes a powerful tool for achieving industrial digital transformation.

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Industry 4.0

The tools that Nexus Integra provides for the modelling of the production process make it possible to generate an integrated operating environment that combines process control with process analytics.

This is the true convergence between information technologies (IT) and operating technologies (OT).

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How does it work?

Connect, process and visualise data

  • Nexus Connect handles the ingestion of large amounts of data with missing integrity including the data needed to ensure interoperability with other corporate information systems.
  • Nexus Core is the information core of the platform, where information is standardised, structured and unified regardless of its source.
  • Nexus Apps is the place that allows users to create customised views of information that has been integrated, through dashboards, alarms, reports and Smart SCADA, and also from apps developed by third-party companies to meet their own needs.

Advantages and benefits

Monitor, manage and analyse like never before

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Advantages and benefits

Monitor, manage and analyse like never before


Time saving in connection and troubleshooting


Reduced operating and maintenance costs


Operational improvement and infrastructure management


Ease of implementation of new technologies

Industry Sectors

Nexus Integra adapts to any industry

Nexus Integra provides a single operational layer to receive, process and exploit all production data from any source in a unified, standardised and simple way. The platform is transversal and adaptable to any industry thanks to its technological network of expert partners in different sectors.

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A tailor-made solution

Monitor and manage with ease

Discover the full potential of Nexus Integra

With a demo adapted to your company

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Use Cases

Discover the power of Nexus Integra with a demo adapted to your environment

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Gestión Integral del Agua de Huelva (GIAHSA) has implemented Nexus Integra, the integrated operations platform for the monitoring and control of its facilities and processes of the integral water cycle.


Nexus Integra allows optimizing the production of gearboxes, because its predictive model detects manufacturing faults in advance, avoids the production of defective parts.


Our specialists will answer your questions and advise you on the implementation of Nexus Integra