Nexus Integra is an open industrial IoT Big-Data platform that manages, operates and exploits data from products, machines, databases and corporate systems, which allows you to give value and take advantage of the large amount of data generated by your company.

  • Based on open-source technologies
  • Interoperability with third-party systems
  • Easy Scalability to rapidly increase business results
  • Unique framework to manage all installations
  • Unifies and standardizes data from different sensors, equipments and databases
  • Unique license with no additional costs
  • Public API Rest
  • Real time and historic data
  • Global operational and monitoring integrated framework
  • Remote manage and control from any device
  • 100% Customizable platform
  • Interoperability and vendor agnostic platform

Why Nexus Integra


deployments around the world


process variables

200 +

users with a unique license

70 %

reduction in the price of developing new SW vertical

Business Solutions

Nexus Integra platform has been designed to provide an standard and open framework to deploy added-value services thanks to the new disruptive technologies that are already part of the Technological Nexus Integra Ecosystem.


Smart Metering for water, gas or specific data for controlling the production environment requires an Industrial IoT solution with a common Operational Platform. Main Industrial Sensors are already integrated in Nexus Integra.

Big Data

Manage high volumes of data, define historical data-bases and create in real-time datasets for agile business decisions using a Big-Data platform. All-in-one common solution ready for different Big-Data technologies.

Machine Learning

From Global Analytics to preventive and predictive analysis. Nexus Integra provides an open and standard API to develop and dynamically train advanced algorithms based on ML.


Nexus Integra provides a complete standardized solutions ecosystem thanks to our open platform that uses public web-API for deploying new applications that allow to create connected and interoperable services. Our architecture has been thought to rapidly design different applications that increase the value of the data.

Discover how to become part of our ecosystem. Be ready to scale-up your solutions thanks to Nexus Integra Open IoT Big-Data platform.

Companies that use the Nexus Integra platform


Could I deploy Nexus Integra in any sector?

Sure you can. Nexus Integra offers a complete response to the digital transformation process in any of the sectors.

What I need to deploy Nexus Integra in my company?

Nexus Integra does not require a big amount of processing resources. The platform can be virtualized on existing customer servers.

If I already have a MES system, why do I need Nexus Integra?

Nexus Integra provides data-governance for all production processes. Any MES solution can be fed by Nexus Integra to have real-time traceability production performance analysis.

Does Nexus Integra replace a SCADA?

Nexus Integra does not replace SCADA systems. In case there are existing SCADA systems, Nexus Integra will manage all of them in a centralized Control Center. In case no SCADA is available, you can configure easily your process layout thanks to the CANVAS model and combine this model with existing SCADA systems.

Is Nexus Integra a MES system?

Nexus Integra is an Open platform used to manage and operate production processes. It offers a capability to connect specific SW solutions like MES or CMMS to have a centralized production data governance center.

How long does it take to deploy Nexus Integra?

Nexus Integra deployment is fast and easy, in only two weeks you can have the platform deployed in your company as long as you meet the minimum requirements.

Do you have to obligatory acquire Nexus Integra full version which includes 3 layers and 4 Nexus Apps?

No, according to the needs you have.