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Centralise all your data on a single platform

Get a 360º visualisation of your company

Nexus Integra is the integrated operational platform that will allow you to unleash the digital transformation of your organisation. You will be able to connect all your assets and information systems, processing them with the use of Big Data technology and obtaining a single operations framework for control, management and analysis.

Discover how

How does it work?

Information as a raw material

1. Data acquisition

Acquisition of large data volumes regardless its source, allowing interoperability with other corporate information systems.

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2. Data processing

It standardises, structures and unifies acquired data, providing a single data body that allows for information exploitation in a transversal way.

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3. Data visualisation

Exploit and obtain value from data thanks to Nexus Integra’s native applications. This include Smart SCADA, dashboards, a comprehensive alarm manager, comprehensive reports, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and other third-party applications, all of them accessible through our API Rest.

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Why Nexus Integra

All data in a single analysis and management tool


What makes Nexus Integra unique

Interoperable rich in equipment, sensors and applications.

Customizable 100% by the customer.

Unifies and standardises your business information.

Cost reduction maintenance and production.

Scalable facilities, data and users.

Global geo-dispersed facilities control.

Visualisation in real time and historical.

Versatile it adapts to any sector.

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Solutions ecosystem

Quick and easy to escalate up on the platform

Nexus Integra is an open platform with a native rest API service that offers a complete ecosystem of standardised and specific solutions. This is mainly due to our alliances with experts in different vertical sectors.

Its architecture is be able to quickly design, develop and deploy different applications that increase the value of data.

Find out how to be part of our ecosystem. Get ready to grow your solutions thanks to the Nexus Integra platform.


Technology solutions

Monitor, manage and analyse like never before

The platform has been designed to offer a standard and open operations environment where to develop value-added services thanks to the new disruptive technologies that are now part of the Nexus Integra technology ecosystem.

Where to implement Nexus Integra

Created to suit the specific needs of each application environment


Companies using Nexus Integra

They save time, have improved their profitability and the production capacity of their business

Juan Francisco Maestre Picón
Drinking water services Director | Global Omnium

“Nexus Integra platform has allowed us to successfully transform the operations management and deploy just one single control center where the more than 200 assets belonging to out 15.000 km distribution network are commanded together.”

Juan Boix Palomero
Head of Unit for Machines and Process Control at ITC

“We chose Nexus Integra platform as the infrastructure for the Ceramic Brain project due to its flexibility and ease of use. The outstanding results on this project rely significantly on these features.”

Pedro Piñar de Jesús
Managing Director at Líneas y Cables, S.A.

“We have chosen Nexus Integra thanks to all the possibilities it offers us in all our IoT projects. It is simple, agile, versatile and it eliminates all the complexities in any integration. We believe it is the platform of the future and we have decided to integrate it in all our projects.”

Become our partner

Add-on value to your clients with IIoT technology

  • Nexus Integra is an open framework that provides sonnected services.
  • Real-time control of all of customer assets in one centralized platform.
  • Expand your footpring (scope of application or action) by being part of a leader technological ecosystem.
  • Our global IoT platform grains you access to new markets and opportunities.
  • Take advantage of the benefits of being part of the Nexus Integra’s partners network.
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Start today

Transform your data into valuable information

Nexus Integra will guide you through the installation process, finding the best way to introduce our software to extract the full potential of your data. Start unleashing the digital transformation of your company as soon as possible.



All you need to know about Nexus Integra

Could I deploy Nexus Integra in any sector?

Sure you can. Nexus Integra offers a complete response to the digital transformation process in any of the sectors.

If I already have a MES system, why do I need Nexus Integra?

Nexus Integra provides data-governance for all production processes. Any MES solution can be fed by Nexus Integra to have real-time traceability production performance analysis.

Is Nexus Integra a MES system?

Nexus Integra is an open platform used to manage and operate production processes. It offers a capability to connect specific SW solutions like MES or CMMS to have a centralized production data governance center.

What I need to deploy Nexus Integra in my company?

Nexus Integra does not require a big amount of processing resources. The platform can be virtualized on existing customer servers.

Does Nexus Integra replace a SCADA?

Nexus Integra does not replace SCADA systems. In case there are existing SCADA systems, Nexus Integra will manage all of them in a centralized Control Center. In case no SCADA is available, you can configure easily your process layout thanks to the CANVAS model and combine this model with existing SCADA systems.

How long does it take to deploy Nexus Integra?

Nexus Integra deployment is fast and easy, in only two weeks you can have the platform deployed in your company as long as you meet the minimum requirements.