Be ready to scale-up your solutions thanks to our IoT Services Ecosystem

The IoT services ecosystem that surrounds Nexus Integra takes advantage of its multiple connectivity features and offers a set of approved applications of great value.

These solutions have been developed by expert companies that have turned their specific knowledge into applications connected to Nexus Integra. A catalogue of proven products is made available to customers and users allowing them to quickly scale-up the platform, get benefits based on Machine Learning, virtual or augmented reality and other technologies.

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Key technologies

Key technologies for the generation of business solutions based on Nexus Integra

Benefits to the application developers

  • It allows you to focus on the application of your knowledge to the creation of your solution, as it solves the problems associated with the connectivity of process information.
  • Platform connectivity is very simple, provided through standard API, as well as connectivity through the main industrial protocols (MQTT, OPC UA…). It opens the possibility to be part of a portfolio of complementary products of proven solvency.
  • Access to distribution channels with access to hundreds of clients from several industrial sectors, with international reach.

Benefits to the customers

  • Availability of a portfolio of approved solutions which bring value in specific aspects and needs, such as improving production efficiency, maintenance management or task automation through algorithms.
  • The ability to decide whether to apply these solutions throughout the entire process or only to a part of it. As they are based on Nexus Integra, their implementation is simple and gradual.
  • Improvements in the application and Nexus Integra can be received separately, without the need to completely change the current application. This allows for a gradual evolution of the different parts of the ecosystem, ensuring constant updates and stability.

Companies using Nexus Integra

They save time, have improved their profitability and the production capacity of their business

Benefit from IoT services ecosystem

Our specialists will provide you with detailed information on how to get started with Nexus Integra