Nexus Integra Ecosystem

Be ready to scale-up your solutions thanks to our IoT Services Ecosystem

Key technologies

Key technologies for the generation of business solutions based on Nexus Integra


Nexus Integra natively provides a broker to integrate IoT information from thousands or millions of devices.

Big Data

The aggregated data that the platform is capable of integrating is an excellent basis for supporting solutions.

Machine Learning

Nexus Integra provides the necessary tools for modelling the production process.

Benefits to the customer

  • Availability of a wide portfolio of approved solutions which bring value in specific aspects and needs
  • The ability to decide whether to apply these solutions throughout the entire production process or only to a part of it
  • Improvements in the applications and in the platform can be received separately, without the need to completely change the current applications

Benefits to the application developers

  • Developers can focus on applying their knowledge to create value for the industry. Solving in a basic and limited way the issues related to the connectivity of process information
  • Platform connectivity is very simple, it can be provided through standard API as well as through the main industrial protocols (MQTT, OPC UA, …)
  • The possibility to be part of a portfolio of complementary products of proven solvency
  • Access to distribution channels with access to hundreds of clients from several industrial sectors, with international reach

Some companies of our ecosystem

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