Integrated Operational Platform for the Digitization of the Ceramic Industry

Nexus Integra  is the integrated operations platform that enables companies in the ceramics sector to transform their data into knowledge.

Continuously improve your company’s efficiency, the processes control and profitability by making data-driven decisions.

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Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC), our expert partner in the sector.

Optimized performance

Increased production volume and efficiency


Reduction in problem detection and resolution times


Reduction of operation and maintenance costs


Operational improvement and infrastructure management


Easy implementation of new technologies

How it works

Manage and operate your company from a single platform

Achieve the complete digital transformation

You will be able to connect all your assets and information systems in a digital environment, processing them through the use of new technologies and obtaining a single operational framework for monitoring, management and analysis.

Optimise costs and make your business profitable with the implementation of Nexus Integra, obtaining a 360º visualisation of the company and your business model.

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What will you get with Nexus Integra

Visualise, analyse and manage

Advantages and benefits

Monitor, manage and analyse like never before

Case study

Realonda has already optimised its production processes and improved manufacturing efficiency.

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We provide you with a complete solution,
adapted to your production needs

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Companies using Nexus Integra

They save time, have improved their profitability and the production capacity of their business

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