ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software has become a very popular centralized solution in recent years. Nowadays, many companies are looking for a system with these characteristics to organize and manage some areas of their business, but what is the difference with respect to an integrated operations platform?

Below, we analyze in detail both solutions to show their features and qualities, revealing the differences and advantages in each case, as well as their associated capabilities.


What is ERP?

An ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning that, from an industrial point of view, allows to have a forecast of the orders generated by the sales force, the demand for necessary supplies, the stock of raw materials and to generate the manufacturing orders that are necessary to meet the needs of the company’s customers.

In this way, this software works with a single database, optimizing and automating a variety of processes. In addition, in this case, an ERP also saves time and production costs.

There are different ERP software, but one of the best known is SAP ERP, one of the largest ERP software providers in the world.


Differences between SAP and Integrated operational platform

The nature of SAP ERP and an integrated operations platform is quite different. SAP is a Business Management System and an integrated operations platform centralizes all the data of a company, covering all its areas, including the operations of the industrial process.

One of the most notable differences lies in the fact that, although an ERP is a computerized system that manages, processes and plans resources, it does not yet manage to fully digitize all activities, especially those related to the company’s production activity. As a result, this type of information is processed manually and is completely isolated from the resource management provided by the ERP.

The operations platform has the ability to interconnect with all production systems and assets, bringing together production, administration and maintenance lines in a single interface in a user-friendly, intuitive and efficient environment that helps managers improve management, productivity and efficiency.


Advantages of an Integrated operational platform

Compared to an ERP system, with an integrated operations platform you will be able to:

  • Monitor your organization and/or production plants from a global and complete perspective that brings together all your company’s data.
  • Have a 360-degree view of your organization thanks to effective real-time data analysis.
  • Carry out intelligent predictive analytics from Artificial Intelligence applications based on Big Data, which optimize production and maintenance.
  • Integrate native and external applications such as ERP (SAP), MES, CMMS, Machine Learning, etc. to establish patterns and facilitate the company’s decision making.
  • Automate tasks through effective algorithms based on historical data


Nexus Integra: The integrated operational platform you need


Can I integrate ERPs such as SAP into Nexus Integra?

Nexus Integra was created to integrate all the systems and technologies of an industry and thus offer governance power over all the valuable data of a company. This is why any ERP system, including SAP, can be powered with Nexus Integra, thanks to the power of attributing production data to the manufacturing orders issued by the ERP, guaranteeing excellent traceability and in real time that allows to know in detail the production errors and their possible causes and, consequently, to improve quality levels.

One of the success stories that exemplifies this type of implementation is the application of Nexus Integra in Realonda, a company dedicated to ceramic manufacturing with more than 80 years of experience.

Thanks to the customized solution provided by Nexus Integra, it has been possible to carry out a real-time data analysis, managing information from different sources, including its ERP.

After this integration, it was possible to improve product quality, reduce waste, Improve Production Efficiency , reduce maintenance costs and obtain greater control based on data.


Embrace digital transformation with Nexus Integra

Nexus Integra is the ultimate solution with which you can control and monitor in real time any asset of your company.

In addition to the control, monitoring and management of physical assets throughout your organization, you can integrate analytical data transversally, combining them with the overall performance of your facilities, accounting, administration, etc.

Increase the intelligence of your business and improve decision making with an intelligent platform that uses IoT and Machine learning.

Contact our specialized team and take the next step in the digital transformation of your business.