The growth of a company is associated with the increase in operations and the difficulty of managing the company’s data. The larger the company, the more diverse the information systems and the more complex it becomes to manage them since they are not always compatible with each other. A complication that affects the control of the business and reduces the productivity and performance of the organization.

To try to solve this problem, we propose Nexus Integra, an integrated operational platform, which includes an IIoT solution that brings many advantages to companies. One of the most outstanding is the increase of business profitability.

How does Nexus Integra work?

Nexus Integra is an integrated operational platform that allows you to design, configure, manage, operate and integrate all the information captured by the different systems with complete autonomy, thanks to the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), through three layers: Nexus Connect, Nexus Core and Nexus Applications. In this way, all processes and systems can be optimized from a single platform regardless of the supplier or manufacturer.

1. Nexus Connect: This is the layer that brings together all the data generated by the company through control and monitoring elements (sensors, PLC and SCADA) and databases that are dispersed. Once it has gathered this data, it unifies it and stores it so that it can be visualized and exploited.

2. Nexus Core: This layer is responsible for the standardization and unification of all the data captured by the connectors. It is in charge of structuring the information and translating the different languages so that companies can take advantage of all this data to improve their business.

3. Nexus Applications: It is the third layer of Nexus Integra and assumes the functions of integrating both native vertical applications and external applications: ERP, MES, SAP, CMMS, Machine Learning, etc. on Nexus Core. The connection between the different applications is made through a public Rest API that enables a bi-directional connection with Nexus Core. The applications integrated into this layer import the data they need to fulfil the different functions of visualization, operational and predictive analysis and in turn, they feed Nexus Core, so that they have the necessary information to create patterns that facilitate learning and automatic decision making.

The ecosystem that encompasses

Nexus Integra is an integrated operational platform that can be connected to applications developed by third parties and that allows the development of solutions according to the specific needs of each company to connect them to the system without problems.

Users have at their disposal a catalogue of proven vertical solutions that can be quickly incorporated on the platform and that offer benefits based on Machine Learning, Virtual or Augmented Reality, among other technologies.

This ecosystem of applications compatible with Nexus Integra is based on technologies such as IoT, Big Data or Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics. A set of solutions that offer specific advantages for both the customer and the application developer.

The advantages of the Nexus Integra ecosystem

These are the main benefits that approved solutions bring to customers:

  • Production efficiency.
  • Maintenance management.
  • Automation of tasks. By means of algorithms, the different tasks can be automated.
  • Versatility. The customer can decide at any time whether to apply them in the whole process or only in part of it.
  • Constant updating and guaranteed stability. In Nexus Integra the customer is able to receive improvements of the applications and the system separately, without having to change completely the whole work application.

Some advantages to which it is necessary to add the benefits that it contributes to the application developer:

  • Focus on innovation. Thanks to the ecosystem of Nexus Integra, the developer can focus on bringing value to the industry with innovative solutions.
  • Simple connectivity. A standard API and the main industrial protocols (MQTT, OPC, UA, etc.) facilitate the connection to the system.
  • Access to solvent products. It allows you to access a portfolio of complementary products of high professionalism.
  • High range. It offers you the possibility to access distribution channels reaching hundreds of customers from different industrial sectors, with an international scope.

The ecosystem of Nexus Integra includes the main companies of the market, such as: Idrica, ITC, ITE, EdInn, T2C, Dypsela, Nespra Smart Devices and Cleverpy.

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A platform like Nexus Integra offers benefits to different companies in the industrial sectors and to smart cities.


This solution offers in a matter of hours the implementation of an integral operation environment that concentrates the control and analysis of the processes.

Thanks to Nexus Integra, Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT) converge to offer numerous benefits in both the short and long term.

It is a technology that can be applied to a wide range of production processes: ceramic industry, infrastructure management, automotive industry, agro-food industry, energy production, oil and gas production and transport, paper industry, water cycle management, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and textile industry.

Smart City

This solution allows the integrated management of all city services from a single platform.

Thanks to this tool, all the data of a city is centralized in a single place and thus the governance of the same can be carried out in a centralized way. In addition, it allows different applications to be able to operate with each other.

The system is suitable for any company that manages services in a city in different sectors such as hospitality, health, traffic management, facilities, energy management and security services management.

Nexus Integra is the integrated operational platform you need to turn the digital transformation of your company or city into a simple process that you will always be able to control, without stopping its growth.

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