Smart City

3 tips to achieve the best smart city infrastructure

The continuous and exponential urban population growth, added to the climate change crisis, pose new challenges that require new solutions. Indeed, according to UN data, at least 68% of the population will live in urban regions by 2050. Many see […]

Big data

10 benefits of counting with an industrial automation system

Automation is key a concept for the 4.0 industry and is a growing value among industrial companies. According to a publication Fortune Business Insights, the industrial automation market worldwide reached 157.04 billion dollars in 2018 and is expected to reach […]

Big data

How Big Data and IA work together

Big Data and AI are two of the technologies that are marking where the world of the future is heading, which will undoubtedly be a place dominated by data and information. The amount of data generated in the digital world […]

Digital transformation

The latest trends in industrial digital transformation

For manufacturers who want to remain relevant and not become obsolete, the industrial digital transformation is essential. Taking steps towards the digitalization of manufacturing and industry, even if it means a paradigm shift, brings great benefits: according to the study […]