Industry 4.0

What is interoperability and how can my company achieve it?

It is becoming increasingly common for companies to have to deal with a higher volume of relevant information. Mobility has propelled the sharing of data and the number of connected devices across the globe.

Digital transformation

What is digital transformation?: Myths and Truths

Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the need to implement a digital transformation process. According to information by the IDC, by 2027 three out of four European organizations will have gotten digitally transformed and will have similar characteristics to native […]

Big data

The best tips to select your Big Data analytics platform

Companies have always invested their resources on obtaining valuable information out of data. In the ‘50s basic analytics was already a thing, by analyzing data in a spreadsheet ‘by hand’. Nowadays, several Zettabytes are registered every year – one thousand […]

Big data

Why database scalability is the future (and almost present) challenge for developers

The increasing use of cloud applications is leading Internet data traffic to skyrocket. According to the renowned Forrester consulting firm, the public cloud computing market will exceed 230 billion dollars in 2019. This figure is much higher than the 100 […]