Big data

Rest Api: why you need them

The advancement of Internet has changed the way in which many companies, and also programmers, work. The transition of applications to the web implies also moving the APIs to the internet, yet APIs, as they were conceived, were not adapted […]

Digital transformation

The 4 industries that benefit the most from machine learning

Machine Learning is one of the branches of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that has the most future potential and offers the most benefits to the industry. According to the latest report by Grand View Research, the machine learning market will reach […]

Digital transformation

How to implement Nexus Integra in your business

Nexus Integra is the integrated operational platform that drives industrial companies to access all the advantages of the digital transformation. Process optimization, development of predictive maintenance and important cost reductions are some of the benefits of implementing a Big Data […]

Digital transformation

Nexus Integra: The solution for an easy supervisory control and data acquisition

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) allows companies to manage their production processes by accessing data that makes them more efficient and economical. Through Big Data and IIoT platforms or as the Nexus Integra integrated operations platform it is possible […]