With the development of new technologies such as IIoT, Big Data or Machine Learning, Industry 4.0 has a great opportunity to improve its industrial productivity in a systematic and intelligent way.

Digitizing industrial companies, allows:

  • Increase production levels.
  • Improve competitiveness and better position themselves in the market.
  • Increase process efficiency
  • Agile response capacity to market fluctuations.
  • Optimize costs

If you want to know how to improve the productivity of both your assets and your infrastructure, this article explains how you can achieve this through an integrated operations platform.


How to improve industrial productivity with an integrated operations platform

In recent years, digital tools have been developed that have managed to combine the methods traditionally used, to continue improving productivity and enhance their effectiveness thanks to increasingly intelligent technologies.

These tools monitor and control processes, machines and devices in order to reduce time and improve performance. Industrial automation systems have become a key factor in Industry 4.0, being applied to countless processes.

Controlling all these processes and data is possible through an integrated operations platform:

Real-time data analysis

With the implementation of this type of platform, there is an exhaustive and centralized record of all the industrial processes of a plant, being able to monitor in real time, a crucial factor to have total control and be able to react quickly to any scenario and even prevent potential unforeseen events.

Automation of processes and repetitive tasks

Thanks to automation, it is possible to optimize mechanical and repetitive tasks performed by people and assign them to robotic systems. On the one hand, this makes it possible to reduce costs, and on the other, to take advantage of human capabilities for more complex tasks due to requirements or inherent capabilities of people that a machine would not be able to perform.

This strengthening of the labor relationship benefits an industry to retain and attract the talent of new professionals.


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Quick implementation of improvements

Having this valuable information, together with the monitoring and control of industrial machinery, allows to quickly detect possible improvements to increase productivity. By anticipating, the implementation of changes is much faster, which translates into time and cost optimization.

And not only at plant level, but it is possible to detect those points in the supply chain that require more attention, and allows to discover opportunities for improvement that for a human would not be identifiable.

Quality control

Intelligent systems are capable of monitoring the quality of the outputs throughout the different phases of the production process, thus improving the quality of the finished product. This information is of great importance for the early detection of defects in the production chain and the implementation of the necessary improvements.

Improved safety

Integrated systems, supported by the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), use advanced comprehensive safety controls for both industrial equipment and people. They can be configured according to hazard, so that machines and robots perform tasks that could put human personnel at risk.

On the other hand, thanks to the use of IIoT, the equipment sends alarms if it detects a possible anomalous situation that could harm both machines and people, from equipment failures to environmental indicators that affect health.

Predictive industrial maintenance

One of the most important factors in improving industrial productivity lies in knowing how to extend the useful life of machinery. The inclusion of Big Data in the equation of these centralized data platforms, has allowed working with a multitude of data that are used for the development of patterns.

Thanks to this analysis, it is possible to focus on advanced maintenance that is ahead of the breakdown before it happens. This advance represents a revolution for increasing the availability and reliability of assets.


Improve productivity with Nexus Integra

Nexus Integra is the integrated operations platform that will allow you to drive the digital transformation of your organization. You will be able to connect all your assets and information systems, processing them through Big Data technology and obtaining a single operations framework for its monitoring, management and analysis.

  • It is interoperable with existing equipment, sensors and applications.
  • It is 100% customizable and can be easily configured, creating lists of variables, connectors, alarms, configuring dashboards, combining variables to create KPIs, creating 3D SCADA visualizations, etc.
  • It unifies and standardizes all information from industrial machinery, corporate systems and databases. It processes and unifies them allowing their full exploitation.
  • It integrates with production changes and offers high scalability.
  • It helps to know the real status of the assets at all times, from any device.
  • Control of dispersed facilities, it is a flexible and modular solution. You can manage from individual production plants to different locations distributed globally in a centralized way.

Learn more about what Nexus Integra can offer your industrial company and improve the performance of your business.