Intelligent operations are already part of our daily lives without us even realizing it. When we write an email, the system suggests phrases that we use regularly; or we chat with the people around us and receive autocomplete suggestions based on our previous behaviors… all of this is part of the intelligence applied to technology.

These examples of activities we are used to are just a sample of what Smart Operations technologies can bring to improve life and business.

The future of the industry has a great potential for development by implementing smart operations in every part of the production process. In today’s post we tell you what this technology is and how to apply it in your company.


What are Smart Operations?

Smart Operations is a broad concept, which consists of using connectivity and automated intelligence to effectively deliver better insights and predictability through advanced analytics, so that operations end up being performed as autonomously as possible. This allows employees to perform other types of tasks that require greater human capabilities, thus fostering innovation and creativity.

The integration of information technology (IT) with intelligent operations, sensors, processors and advanced software implies a real integration of technologies such as artificial intelligence. The union of all these has the potential to turn traditional processes into intelligent ones and revolutionize the industrial sector.

Industrial companies are facing constant change, so in order to gain competitive advantages, it is necessary to abandon the traditional approach and drive digitalization processes in search of efficiency, obtaining greater data accuracy. Moving towards Business Intelligence is the way to improve decision making.


Data analytics, the key to improving your industrial performance


What are the characteristics of Smart Operations?

We can define five characteristics of smart operations:

Connection and digitization

The virtual data warehouse is a gold mine for any company in any industry. Robust analytics in the right place can provide meaningful insights. Connected devices serve as a gateway for seamless data exchange and is an enabler for greater interaction and collaboration.  With this, unprecedented insights are gained, providing immense room for improvement in decisions and solutions.

Analytical capabilities

Smart Operation technology uses Big Data analytics and machine learning, also known as cognitive analytics. Machines acquire the ability to “learn” on their own. Data is collected through “machine-to-machine” (M2M) interactions and enriches data repositories with any possible communication channel.

Analytics implemented in the right place can identify patterns in the data and provide meaningful interpretations. Descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytics can help analyze customer behavior, estimate demands and prevent potential failures.

Real-time data

Real-time data removes bottlenecks from all business processes. Events are captured as they occur, helping to resolve irregularities or correct failures faster.

Intelligent processes

The Smart Operations application uses automation beyond current standards, which is called cognitive computing. This leverages software robot-based RPA or AI. Human-like reasoning and review capabilities help to work with full autonomy and minimal human intervention.

Data security

Data generated in Smart Operations uses advanced encryption, which ensures data privacy and is built in such a way that no information leakage can occur.


What do Smart Operations bring to an industrial company?

The competitive advantage that Smart Operations brings to the industrial sector is operational efficiency throughout the organization.

Applying this technology enables the adoption of best practices in the production chain, ensuring organizational operational agility. Waste and costs can be greatly reduced, and lead times will decrease due to total process control.

Organizations can carry out more advanced R&D developments, automate repetitive tasks and processes, empowering employees to explore innovation. As a whole, we can say that intelligent operations lead companies to have a clearer and more controlled view of the entire value chain, helping to make more confident decisions based on accurate data.


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