Digitalisation is reinventing business, capturing unique competitive advantages and reshaping industries. Organisations that want to survive in their industry must embrace digitalisation as a fundamental part of their processes and strategy as soon as possible.

Nexus integra is the integrated operations platform that connects all information assets and systems, processing them through Big Data technology and providing a single operations framework for monitoring and analysing companies. It has a powerful technological network with the capacity to lead the digital transformation of companies in a wide variety of sectors, making it easily applicable to sectors within the industrial sphere (such as ceramics, energy, water, etc.) and to Smart Cities or infrastructure management.

To achieve a specialised and real digital transformation, it is necessary to create strategic alliances that provide know-how in specific technologies and sectors. Our value proposition, in addition to offering an integrated operations platform for our clients, is that we have created an open system of applications that revolves around Nexus Integra and offers an integral digitalisation solution.

In this post we explain how our partner ecosystem works and why it is beneficial for each of the parties involved.

Partners’ ecosystem

From Nexus Integra we offer a technological network capable of covering the entire value chain to lead the digital transformation in different sectors. The Nexus Integra ecosystem is a set of hardware and software products and solutions capable of covering from hardware sensors to Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Reality, based on the Big Data integrated operations platform to easily integrate, scale, manage and operate a large number of heterogeneous and dispersed assets.

The Nexus REST API facilitates the constant development of new applications by third parties, fully interconnected. The platform offers multiple channels for data collection and the ability to connect to leading and proven solutions from our partners. The result is a competitive and tailored set of solutions for each individual customer.

We offer a wide range of technology solutions to achieve transformation across a variety of industries. Using state-of-the-art technologies such as advanced analytics, Digital Twins or Machine Learning to perform simulations of the physical entity itself and productivise all the algorithms that data scientists analyse.

Why is it so important?

Nexus Integra is a platform with foresight and value that not only offers solutions to improve processes and reduce costs in the short term, but also allows the evolution of a company or entity towards a real transformation, becoming connected, transparent, sustainable and efficient.

Covering all the areas necessary for the integration, deployment, implementation, operation and maintenance of the platform requires a solid ecosystem, which is why we rely on technological partners who offer us their proven experience in specific verticals and sectors, providing unique value in their speciality.

Types of partners

Nexus Integra’s ability to lead the digital transformation of companies in a variety of sectors comes from its flexible architecture and its collaboration with highly specialised companies with a solid catalogue of certified and proven digital solutions.

That is why we seek to continuously nurture our technology ecosystem with partners that fit one of the three partner profiles:

  • System integrators: in order to implement, configure, manage and support the Nexus Integra platform.
  • Technology consultants and resellers: to collaborate with us in selling and advising on advanced software solutions based on an industrial IoT and Big Data platform.
  • Vertical providers: focused on the development of new powerful software applications or scalability of existing applications in order to expand our ecosystem and provide a set of specialised solutions in each of the sectors. Our technology partners will be able to develop your applications on a secure, open and scalable operating system and increase your company’s profitability regardless of your industry sector.

Why should you become our partner?

Nexus integra is a product created and tested in different sectors that allows you to make the most of the interoperability of external services. In addition, it is an easily scalable system, allowing you to increase your results without limits.

Becoming part of our technological ecosystem will allow your company to automatically become part of one of the most cutting-edge technological platforms on the current scene. With us you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Strategic alliance: you can take advantage of a standardised and structured big data platform as a basis for external applications and be part of a pioneering ecosystem in data management and integration. Adding value through interoperability between systems.
  • Proven solution set: you will be able to create a fruitful, recognised and in-demand line of business, addressing industry needs to manage and interpret data and solve connectivity issues through our proven solutions.
  • Stock diversification: you will have the opportunity to diversify stocks and lines of business, leveraging a host of proven technology solutions with strong added value.
  • Build and deliver solutions: you will have the possibility to create your own solutions using Nexus core and Nexus Integra native applications as your own, considerably reducing development times.
  • Continuous innovation: you will ensure you are always at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and in a continuous process of digital and sectorial innovation.
  • Turnkey projects and services: Work on your own tailor-made project by contracting a single supplier to implement a global solution, bringing together a wide variety of areas, solutions and activities.

Nexus Integra offers a global, open operating environment that provides connected services and control of all processes on a single platform. As a leading technology ecosystem, we are looking for specialised partners to further build our partner network.

If you are interested in learning more about how to expand your area of action and access new markets, we invite you to contact us so we can tell you more.

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