For the third consecutive year, Nexus Integra will participate in Advanced Factories 2020. It will do it in the stand F614, where the digital transformation, the machine learning and the centralization of the production process will be the main topics, besides showing the integrated operations platform and the rest of apps.

What is Advanced Factories?

Advanced Factories, is the biggest European event on industry 4.0 that celebrates its fourth edition in the CCIB of Barcelona from March 3 to 5. After bringing together more than 16,000 professionals in the 2019 edition, this year it offers professionals from the sector a look at digital transformation and innovation, with special emphasis on the applications of artificial intelligence, digital twin, IIoT, automation, machine tools, robotics and 3D additive manufacturing, with the aim of anticipating and designing new manufacturing lines to obtain maximum productivity from them. Therefore, the event will host more than 350 exhibiting companies that will present their latest innovations.

“Advanced Factories is becoming the reference fair in industry 4.0, because it combines specific areas such as automation, consultancy, 3D printing and robotics”.

This year, the event has a specific agenda for each professional, general managers, IT managers and heads of plant or operations in each sector will be able to learn about the digital tools they need to boost their industry. Thus, different companies will showcase their success stories in the implementation of different technologies as an example of leadership in the transformation of their sector.

Nexus Integra in the Advanced Factories

Part of the technical and commercial team of Nexus Integra will be present at Stand F614, to show you how the integrated operations platform is a proven solution in the industry through its success stories in ceramics, automotive, water, food, smart cities, etc.

What is Nexus Integra?

Nexus Integra is an integrated operations platform that manages, operates and exploits the data generated by products, machines, production plants and corporate systems, allowing to generate value, improve decision making and take advantage of the large amount of data generated and processed by companies. Companies can integrate and standardize the process data to have a global operations framework that unifies all processes, giving the possibility of directing the digital change from within using Nexus Integra as an enabler.

The Nexus Integra operational platform consists of a powerful three-layer structure:

Nexus Connect

This layer allows the ingestion of large amounts of data generated by the control and monitoring elements (sensors, PLC, SCADA) and databases, which are dispersed and non-standardized, in order to unify and store them as easily as possible, so that they can later be visualized and exploited.

Nexus Core

This layer is the database engine and is responsible for standardizing and unifying all data captured by the connectors, which are usually unstructured. Nexus Core translates all these languages into one, creating a Big Data lake that companies can exploit with the help of the third layer.

Nexus Apps

This layer provides the necessary tools in a global and centralized operations environment with which data can be easily managed and displayed. The Nexus apps ecosystem is composed of vertical apps developed by the Nexus Integra team or by our partners on Nexus Core, but it is also capable of integrating completely external applications such as ERP, MES, SAP, CMMS, among others. All of them share information allowing to compare and exchange data in an easy way.

Nexus Apps achieves this by using a public Rest API that allows a direct line of two-way communication to be established with Nexus Core. These apps are able to import data and exchange it with each other providing a comprehensive and unified operations platform.

Nexus Integra provides the exploitation of data by offering the following apps: canvas (SCADA), dashboards, alarms, reports and the last one to be launched at the event: machine learning.

New Machine Learning App

In this edition of Advanced Factories, Nexus Integra releases its latest Machine Learning app. It is expected to be a success, because the platforms in the market do not have an automatic learning and advanced analytics module that allows taking advantage of specialized algorithms and artificial intelligence to provide an advanced analysis to understand the process behaviour in an easy, intuitive and scalable way. This new app provides data scientists with an environment in which it produces and feeds back their algorithms in real time, as it integrates seamlessly with the production process. In addition, thanks to the historical data, Nexus Integra provides the information needed for advanced analytics to make forecasts, analyze trends and establish correlations.

This app manages different algorithms and will be equipped with advanced reports, templates with use cases and automatic learning to make the best business decisions comparing historical trends and real time data.

Stand F614

Come and meet us! Come to the stand F614 and you will be able to see in first hand the success stories, innovations and customized demos of Nexus Integra. Meet the team and have a coffee while we solve any doubt you may have. We will be waiting for you ?