Nexus Integra has been awarded as Best Technological Solution of the year at the iAgua 2018 awards. Global Omnium General Director, Vicente Fajardo, was in Madrid to receive the prize from the president of the Spanish Association of Water Supply and Sanitation (AEAS), Fernando Morcillo. The 2018 event, held every year, rewards technological solutions in the water sector.

Nexus Integra platform won in this category were more than 100 nominated companies showed their solutions. This award has been a strong motivation for us to start a new exciting year, giving us the necessary energy to continue being the leaders in the market, improving the platform but also applying the success story in Global Omnium to adopt it in other sectors such as, ceramics, automotive, agri-food or smart cities, etc.

Nexus Integra is the technological platform that allows to manage and control all the assets and infrastructures involved in the water cycle management. It enables a standardized control for all water measurement equipments, as well as the connection with external information systems such as databases, SCADAs or ERPs.

Our solution has been proved to be the best platform to have a centralized water production management system. Global Omnium has been able to control all the data from different water distribution plants with a standardized view helping them compare processes from different systems and helping as well to take the best actions to correct wrong behaviours.

Main water management benefits can be summarized as follows:

  • It allows the integrated operation of all assets, being an excellent solution as a control centre. Thanks to this centralized model, Global Omnium has optimized the costs associated to maintenance by approximately 15%.
  • Reduce the cost and time to develop new industrial applications. Up to 70% reduction thanks to the standardization of the data.
  • It allows to scale the business in an agile way.

Nexus Integra has helped to break technological barriers in the water sector. In fact, Global Omnium was facing lots of problems when trying to transform their digital ecosystem. They were facing two main issues when trying to automatize the network: the geographical dispersion of its assets; and the lack of integration between the technological solutions used.  The idea of Nexus Integra was to provide a merged and standardized view of the different process data. This allowed Global Omnium to manage and monitor the status of the different water reserve assets, such as treatment plants, pumps or distribution networks at multiple installations.

At the end, all these issues faced by Global Omnium can be identified in other sectors such us industry, smart cities, energy, etc. That is, Nexus Integra is an Industrial Big Data IoT platform which helps companies to run the digital transformation from within.

Let the data flow