Digital transformation is the new reality to which companies must adapapt if they want to keep this current position in the market and be competitives. Relying on new technologies such as IoT or Machine Learning is key to improving an enterpise’s performance. Obtaining data and interpreting it is decisive in decision making, but also the remote control of assets. There are different needs, to which there are different solutions.

Companies invest in independent technologies. If there is a problem so there is a solution without taking into account that each technological solution has a different way of working, unique characteristics and particularities that are not suitable with other future technologies. Each of them consists of an isolated asset that can not work together with others so the global vision is lost.

The unknowledge of the sector when making a decision is a mistake, but it also an inconvenient that many technologies can’t be interconnected to achieve better results through the complementarity between them. In this post we will see what the enterpises look for when investing in technology, and then the problems that exist when counting on the wrong technologies.

Why should I invest in technology?

What the companies are looking for when they trust new technologies that emerge in the market is:

    • Speed up the launch of new products. The companies trust in technology to improve and develop new products and ways of working that provide more benefits.
    • Improve flexibility. When it is about the technology the main objective is a method of working much easier and clear and available from different channels. Today it is possible to manage assets through a screen in a computer, but also from mobiles. Evolution is constant and keeping up to date is key to keep pace with the continuous changes and updates.
    • Grow quality. Following the entire process and tracing it allow to monitor progress and detect opportunities to improve. The technology is used for enhancing results.
    • Increase efficiency. Gracias a las nuevas tecnologías se optimiza el proceso de producción. Se consigue reducir gastos, aumentar los tiempos de trabajo y obtener mejores resultados.

Nexus Integra: the strategic network of technology partners

The problems that arise from relying on the wrong technology

Incompatibility between technologies

In today’s market there are different technological solutions. If a company has different tools independent of each other, the way of working is not as effective as it could be if these tools could interoperate and feed back data to each other.

Difficulty of operation

Working with Big Data is not an easy task, which is why there are data management systems that collect all the information to make it accessible. There are systems that are complex, not very intuitive and whose management requires specialized professionals or specific training extended over time. This becomes a problem because companies are looking to save time and money, not to invest more money.

Unintelligibility of information

Having valuable information through Big Data is not simple at all. Big Data is data whose value lies in its analysis. In short, no clear and processed data is obtained, so there is a huge amount of useless information that cannot be read or understood unless there is an integrated operations platform that can process it to obtain the information of value we were talking about.

Lack of adaptability

It is fine to rely on advances, but it is a mistake to rely on technology without thinking about it. Artificial intelligence is a technology with great potential that, however, does not meet the needs of all businesses. The first step is to understand the needs in order to act accordingly and choose the most appropriate technology options.

Static data

The accelerated pace of work demands immediacy and momentariness. Greater effectiveness is achieved if action is taken at the very moment a problem, a need or simply an opportunity is detected. Constantly updated data allows for a continuous workflow.

Limited capacity

All tools have limits, including technological ones. There are database management systems that do not interpret the data, just as there are remote management systems that are not multi-screen and platforms that are not interoperable.

Nexus Integra technology

Nexus Integra technology is designed to meet different needs thanks to its unique and beneficial features for any sector as a transversal platform and expert partners. Standardizes, organizes and unifies data from multiple sources. Connects third-party tools thanks to its API Rest.

Another particularity that makes Nexus Integra the best operational integrated platform is its capacity for managing that big amount of assets of a company remotely. Through a simple access, all registered users can view and work on the interface.

If you are looking to have full control over your assets and be able to monitor and operate them with complete ease, contact us and our technical team will help you to get the best performance whether your company is industrial or if it is for a Smart City.