More and more hospitals are applying smart solutions to optimise workflows and increase productivity in these types of buildings. In our top 7 Smart Hospitals we will explore why these centres are among the best hospitals in the world and what tools they have used to turn them into smart buildings.


Clínica Universidad de Navarra

The Clínica Universidad de Navarra is part of prestigious rankings such as Newsweek’s ‘World’s Best Specialized Hospitals 2022’, which every year recognises the best public and private hospitals worldwide.

This Spanish hospital uses AI to integrate electronic patient registration, improving the workflows of the medical team as well as the care of the patients themselves. In addition, such measures also allow valuable information to be shared between the different units and departments, optimising internal communication across the entire team.

This medical centre also has a smart operating room with which it is possible to remotely control the operation of all the equipment that forms part of the operating room (lamps, monitors, hand charts, etc.). In addition, an environmental monitoring system and general management of the facilities is also carried out through an integrated operating platform.


Sheba Medical Center

Sheba Medical Center receives more than 1 million patients a year and is on the coveted list of the world’s best smart hospitals. In fact, this immense healthcare centre is one of the largest facilities in the Middle East.

Through its ambitious innovation programme called ARC (Accelerate, Redesign and Collaborate), it has successfully implemented solutions that use AI and big data to transform and improve healthcare.

The Sherba centre has created a vast unified source of data, ready to be meticulously analysed and measured. One of the most recent improvements was during the pandemic. In a short time they were able, through a single platform such as Nexus Integra, to cross-reference multiple data sources to provide hospital managers with all the information about the infected in a single dashboard.

Thanks to this tool, it was possible to monitor all patients exhaustively and even predict their condition within the next 6 hours.


Digital transformation in healthcare, the hospitals of the future


Moorfields Eye Hospital – Londres

Moorfields Eye Hospital is one of the most important eye hospitals in the country. A few years ago, it had a completely obsolete infrastructure. Over time, the hospital has integrated IoT solutions to improve building management, energy and facility security through an integrated, intelligent action platform such as Nexus Integra.

Room climate control (temperature, humidity and particulate matter), video security, CMMS and a long list of smart improvements to ensure the well-being of staff and patients.


Vall d’Hebron University Hospital – Barcelona

This Catalan hospital is one of the most famous medical centres in the country. Its programme in the pursuit of technological transformation has managed to improve its patients’ experience and optimise its workflows. It has incorporated new technologies such as applications to manage the hospital’s internal processes and the construction of a Smart Campus, with the use of Smart Cities solutions.

One of the most famous improvements of this hospital is the incorporation of a programme that integrates all clinical and safety data created in the ICU. In addition, to improve the well-being of patients, it has included smart improvements in the facilities such as the detection of excess noise through effective sound sensors installed in the rooms.


New Children’s Hospital (NCH)

The NHC is one of the first hospitals in the country and, since its inauguration, has been working towards becoming a fully digitalised hospital. They make use of a platform that integrates all kinds of patient-related data: medical history, allergies, condition… Thanks to this, the medical team has access to their patients’ information in real time.

On the other hand, patient rooms, including beds and bedside equipment, can be adapted according to patient demographics and preference. Thanks to the application of AI, it can automatically determine whether a patient is a good candidate for new treatments or research that can improve their diagnosis.


Karolinska Institutet – Stockholm

Karolinska University Hospital is the largest hospital in Sweden and one of the most important and renowned in Europe. Closely associated with the scientific committee that nominates the Nobel Prize in medicine each year, the hospital has implemented numerous smart solutions to improve and optimise the performance of its staff.

Alongside the implementation of IoT devices and sensors that collect relevant data on facilities and infrastructure supplies, the centre uses Artificial Intelligence to improve and accelerate diagnoses more efficiently.

One of its most recent projects focuses on the application of AI to refine prostate cancer diagnoses. How? Using small tissue samples, this system develops algorithms that match average pathologists. With this information, making use of big data, they have achieved a tool that accelerates the detection of this type of cancer.


Charité-Universitätsmedizin – Berlin

Charité is a renowned German public university hospital and one of the largest in Europe. They have managed to use AI and Big Data to diagnose rare diseases effectively and efficiently. Their software is able to detect particularly characteristic features of rare diseases such as Kabuki syndrome in a matter of seconds with just a photo.

They are also leading the development of a novel tissue analysis system to diagnose breast cancer. It integrates morphological, molecular and histological data in a single analysis, through intuitive heat maps.


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