The world is moving towards an increasingly hyper-connected and integrated industry and there is huge potential for internally growth. Intelligent Maintenance Management Platforms will set the rules for the future of the industry, creating new opportunities and possibilities for action.

When we talk about industrial maintenance and its management, questions about IMMP and CMMS platforms often arise. In this post, we answer this question and tell you the advantages that a IMMP will give you compared to a CMMS.

What is an IMMP or Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform?

An IMMP is an Intelligent Maintenance Management Platform. It is established as the latest technology for maintenance management in any company.

This type of software was born with Industry 4.0 and, thanks to its many advantages,  replaced traditional Excel documents and, over time, a large part of CMMS.

Previously, companies practised reactive maintenance. This activity consisted in acting after failure. That means that, if a transmission system worked out  till it get blocked, their maintenance team would come in to repair it.  With the appearance of the IMMP system, this type of maintenance has come to an end, giving place to predictive maintenance.

In this way, Intelligent Maintenance Platforms (or IMMP) are designed to form a whole system of resources (software and hardware) that helps to optimise the operations of maintenance managers with flexibility, intelligence and connectivity.

Artificial Intelligence and Maintenance Management

Intelligent Maintenance Platforms go beyond the management of a company’s own data. The big revolution lies in the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in this process. All the data obtained through the IOT is managed and processed by the platform, finding very valuable optimisation opportunities for companies.

This maintenance management results in intelligent predictions and considerable time and cost savings for the company, which may vary from case to case, depending on the structure and context, but, in all cases, has proven to be more advantageous than those existing till now.

The value of overall equipment efficiency (OEE) to production

Differences between an IMMP and a CMMS

Traditional CMMSs or CMMSs are part of the past, as they are no longer up to the task of today’s industry. Today, there are two points of differentiation between an Intelligent Maintenance Platform and a CMMS:

Their platform nature

When we talk about an IMMP system being a platform, we mean that its entire structure is created to be an ecosystem of resources (hardware and software).

Thanks to the tools and resources available in an IMMP, it is capable of connecting, adapting and integrating completely with any type of software. This adaptive capacity is a great advantage of Intelligent Maintenance Platforms compared to a traditional CMMS.


To be honest, it could be argued that IMMPs are much more intuitive than CMMS. The primary function of a CMMS is to record information, providing little value to the area manager; whereas IMMPs process the data, recognise trends and make predictions and suggestions on their own.

It is important to remember that the IMMP system is a living platform that constantly feeds and feeds back on the data it collects. Thanks to AI, we have an intelligent system that gathers information, processes it and formulates new insights and knowledge useful for business and decision making.

The world is moving towards an increasingly connected and integrated industry and, for this reason, IMMPs are positioning themselves as the maintenance management system of the future.

Advantages of an IMMP

There is no doubt that IMMP is the best solution to cope with an increasingly changing and competitive environment.

These are the advantages that this system will bring to your company if you decide to have it:

  • It offers predictive maintenance
  • It is an intuitive system
  • Platform independent
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Adaptable to any type of industry
  • Optimises production times and processes
  • Artificial Intelligence at your company’s maintenance service
  • Trend detector

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Nexus Integra is the integrated operational platform that unifies data and transforms it into valuable information for decision making.

Thanks to the connection with the CMMS through its API Rest, interoperability is achieved, enabling the exchange of information and a common core of platform data. The CMMS tool, when fed by an operational platform integrated with an IoT and Big Data solution, achieves a global, connected and fully automated operations environment.

Furthermore, if you want to get the most out of your MES system, you can also connect it to Nexus Integra, taking automation to the next level, allowing for predictive production analysis.

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