Digital transformation is an unstoppable train that every company must get on, especially in the industrial sector. More and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of digitalising production operations and implementing technology in each and every area of manufacturing.

In general, consumers have adapted to the digital era at breakneck speed, far ahead of almost any company, while some organisations continue to lag behind.

At Nexus Integra, we want to show you the advantages  of transforming and adapting your company to the demands of the present.

Find out the 7 advantages of digitising your industrial company that you may not yet be aware of.

Increased productivity

Thanks to the automation of processes, employees carry out tasks with greater effectiveness, autonomy and efficiency. How? By optimising resources, the team is released to perform certain tasks, allowing them to focus on other more relevant.

On the other hand, if production processes are systematised, this opens the way to greater control over asset management. In this way, time that was previously spent on administrative tasks can also be invested in improving industrial production processes or optimising other tasks.

Cost and time reduction

This point is the main cause of the previous one, since the improvement of productivity brings with it a great saving of time and expenses in each and every department of the organisation.

Undoubtedly, a digitised industrial company is a more competitive, productive and profitable business. With these new tools, such as MES and ERP systems, companies are more effective, as they can perform tasks in less time. The benefits, in this respect, are immediate.

Expanding your business opportunities

A company that is flexible, up-to-date and at the forefront of the technology sector is a competitive company. Following the new trends in digitisation re-establishes the business model, implementing new business structures that were perhaps previously unknown or inaccessible.

In addition, digitising your industrial company can always give you the opportunity to expand your borders, increase your turnover or become more competitive.


Added value versus competition

In general, resisting change or taking too long does not usually go well, but when it comes to business, the chances are potentially reduced.

As mentioned above, digitalisation is a fact of life in the industrial sector and it is here to stay. Now is the time to demonstrate how flexible and adaptable your business can be.

Betting on digital tools that manage your company’s assets will help you to reduce costs, but also to mark a differential value compared to other competitors in the sector.

In addition, digitising your industrial company will also help to improve its reputation: giving your company a modern, innovative and efficient image, compared to the rest.


Access to information and analysis capacity

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, there are powerful and effective tools that will help your industrial company to optimise resources, extract valuable information and, in general, improve your company’s performance.

On paper, a large amount of information is lost that, in the right hands, could be used to prevent incidents, improve production processes, extract intelligent predictions, optimise the production chain and an infinite list of other advantages.

In short, if you are committed to a digitisation process, supported by the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can find great opportunities for optimisation that are very valuable for your company.


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Reducing response times

The digitisation of the industrial sector does not only bring advantages on an external level. This transformation also means an improvement in the company’s internal work and communication. Digital tools facilitate the tasks between departments, facilitating decision-making and minimising response times.

On the other hand, simplifying processes and working with data in real time allows an immediate reaction to any type of change that may occur in the production process.

This streamlining simplifies processes, but also improves the experience with the customer or potential partners, who are increasingly looking for fluid, fast and more immediate communication.


Attracting and retaining talent

Being a modern, digitised company not only generates credibility with customers, but also with talent. The best professionals will always opt for the most cutting-edge and innovative companies. If you want to have the best team, your industrial company should not be left behind.

And the more brilliant people you have in your digitised company, the more you will get new ideas, new approaches and better results. In this way, it can be said that transforming your company will help you to boost it in countless ways.

In addition, improved asset and operations management will help your team be more satisfied with their tasks and improve talent retention in your company. How? Other platforms will take care of certain tasks that previously had to be done manually, such as constant maintenance of machines, tedious reporting, etc.

Digital transformation of your industrial company with Nexus Integra

Nexus Integra is the integrated operations platform with which you will achieve a complete digital transformation of your business. You will be able to connect all your assets and information systems in a digital environment, processing them through the use of new technologies and obtaining a single operations framework for monitoring, management and analysis.

Optimise costs and make your business profitable with the implementation of the platform, obtaining a 360º visualisation of the company and your business model.

Contact us and we will help you to digitise your company and obtain greater performance.


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