The Valencian company Nexus Integra attends the IoT Solutions World Congress (IoTSWC) next October 29th, 30th and 31st to present its industrial IoT and Big Data platform with the latest advances and benefits.

The IoT Solutions World Congress (IoTSWC) is a world reference event aimed at an international audience, which aims to meet the challenge of digitization by promoting intelligent, connected and autonomous manufacturing at a time when it is crucial to optimize costs and production procedures in the industrial field.

As we know, digitization progresses without stopping, transforming all types of sectors. This makes the IoTSWC a mandatory appointment for all global actors that are directly or indirectly related to these technologies. Both end customers and partners will be met in the same space identifying and valuing the most appropriate products and methodologies to invest and forge new agreements and possible collaborations. This event makes it possible by bringing together more than 550 exhibiting companies and 600 speakers, including the world’s leading suppliers of IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain solutions, among others.

Nexus Integra

Nexus Integra could not miss the IoT Solutions World Congress. Its experience in this area has made it a reference as a digital transformer. From STAND B230, the company will show its industrial IoT and Big Data platform, formed by a powerful three-layer structure that helps companies integrate, acquire, standardize, unify, manage and display data from a simple way, with personalized demos. It will also share its knowledge and experience both in smart cities and in the industrial sector, showing its most outstanding success stories.

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Nexus Integra platform allows the complete integration of any type of information source, whether sensors, corporate systems or proprietary databases, and the management of this information in a simple and intuitive way.

The first layer, Nexus Connect, collects all data and integrates it into a single data structure (Nexus Core) while it facilitates access to them both by platform tools that allow the creation of global operating frameworks and by third-party companies for the development and integration of vertical applications.

The platform provides 4 pre-set applications that allow the user to create their own personalized views of information. Thanks to these applications called canvas, dashboards, reports and alarms users can do it with a simple drag and drop and without any programming, generating a global operating framework that guarantees the control and the total knowledge of the production process from the first moment, with complete independence and autonomy from the information sources suppliers to make changes in configuration (data are freed from hardware and software suppliers).

In this way, Nexus Integra allows remote control of industrial assets and associated production processes in a simple and agile way. This became possible thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies such as IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning, among others.