Between the 26th and 29th October the LVII Congress of the Spanish Society of Ceramics and Glass is celebrated in Castellón. The importance of industrial ceramics in Castellón province is highly known to all. The city concentrates the whole practice of the Spanish manufacture of ceramic tiles sector, being European leaders and second global exporters. It is the ceramics capital and an excellent place for the organization of the congress.

Activities will take place in the facilities of “Universitat Jaume I”, a young but perfectly integrated university in Castellon’s society, and thus a special bond with the ceramic’s industrial textile. We hope all congressmen and companions enjoy the Congress, and those who wish, also enjoy the wide touristic offer of sun, beach, and mountain the province provides.

The congress will expect the participation of Salvador Herrando, our Operations and Sales Director in Nexus Integra. He will be one of the speakers in the topic of Digitalization and Big Data in the Ceramics Industry.

Digitalization and Big Data in the Ceramics Industry

The presentations will be about the application of Industry 4.0 technologies to the ceramic product manufacturing environment. Not only technologies that allow the digitalization and computerization of the manufacturing processes for the qualification of data will be considered, but also technologies that analyse and process data, and that allow to generate valuable information that improves the decision making processes, turning the ceramic businesses into agile businesses with self-learning capacity. Because of its relevance in Industry 4.0, inputs that seek for the achievement of <<digital twins>> in the industrial environment of ceramic manufacture will be specially valued.

Organiser: Juan Boix (ITC -AICE)

Co-organisers: Gustavo Mallol (ITC- AICE)

Sponsored by: Torrecid