Artificial Intelligence: the best defence in cybersecurity

The reference magazine in automatization, robotics, and components of Interempresas has wanted to count on the participation of Nexus Integra in the October edition as experts in the Big Data and Cybersecurity fields. For this edition, we talk about Artificial Intelligence as the best defence tool in industrial cybersecurity.

Digitalization and the growing network of machines and industrial systems imply an increase in the risk of cybernetic attacks to businesses and entities around the world, in addition to an increment in the precision and complexity of these attacks. Cybernetic incidents have reached the first position in becoming the most important business risk in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence tools contribute to the anticipation and neutralization of threats, and to the management of cybersecurity incidents with major reaction capacity and effectiveness, by analysing vast amounts of information about the context, and without the requirement of highly specialized human intervention.

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