Monitoring all points of production from a single central system has become a challenge for industrial companies. This has become a real necessity for organisations that, at the very least, want to maintain productivity levels in situations that are difficult to control, such as, for example, the pandemic.

Corporate management systems such as MES (Manufacturing Execution System) make it possible to manage production processes effectively. But to control production in a comprehensive way and to have a global vision of the strategy and business decisions, the MES system can be supported by integrated operations platforms. In the following post, we tell you how.

Relationship between MES and integrated trading platform

Systems such as the MES can use an integrated operations platform to dynamically extract and feed the core dynamically extract and feed the core of their data, providing real-time asset information and monitoring.

Through a public web API Rest, the platform establishes a two-way communication channel with applications such as MES so that information flows between the two systems. In this way, applications can become more competitive and productive, enhancing their role in improving the competitiveness and profitability of the industry.

Difference between MES and integrated trading platform

MES system

MES is one of the most common production execution and control systems. Its function is to connect people, machines and systems within the same production plant. It is used to calculate costs, productivity and quality in order to increase OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency).

Its usefulness is mainly focused on two user profiles: the operator (who manages his production centre) and the production manager (who seeks to increase production efficiency).

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Integrated operations platform

An integrated operations platform is a comprehensive management model that provides complete visibility of a company’s manufacturing processes, systems or vertical applications.  It allows you to connect all assets and information systems, processing them using Big Data technology and obtaining a single operations framework for monitoring, management and analysis.

In this way, it allows you to have all the data from the production process and vertical applications visible and interconnected. It also acts as a basis for integrating state-of-the-art digital solutions into production plants (such as those provided by the Industry 4.0 model; Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence models).

How to improve the performance of your MES?

The Nexus Integra operations platform provides governance power over data from all production processes. Any MES system can be powered by Nexus Integra for real-time production performance and traceability analysis, offering the following advantages:

Global visión

An integrated operations platform deepens the information received by the MES systems. MES focuses on the plant floor and production decisions. By relying on the data provided by the platform, it can take into account all business processes for an infinitely more comprehensive analysis of the actual situation and the strategic direction of production.

Remote management

Unlike an MES, the integrated operations platform allows remote management of the facilities. The MES system requires being physically on site, so in situations like the one we are experiencing, production could be paralysed, which is solved with the platform.


The platform opens up the possibilities of MES and allows it to scale and respond to new needs with other applications and functionalities in an easy, fast and flexible way. In this way, it allows you to manage a large number of assets with very different natures in a much more centralised way (on a single screen).


Changes in the established requirements or the inclusion of new equipment that is also to be incorporated into the control system of an MES, in most cases, mean that the solution has to be almost completely rethought in order to remain operational. An integrated operations platform such as Nexus Integra makes it possible to interconnect IT systems and processes so that this is not necessary, saving time and money.

Cutting-edge technologies

The integration of technologies such as Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning are the future of competitiveness in industry. The Nexus Integra platform allows for process modelling and productivity algorithms, creating these algorithms from real-time data.

The MES system benefits from this by taking automation to a new level, enabling predictive production analysis and both preventive and predictive maintenance.

Enhance your MES with Nexus Integra

To cope with increasingly complex operational systems and data sets, the traditional MES system can be powered by an integrated operations platform with an IoT and Big Data solution for a global, connected and fully automated operations environment.

If you already work with SW solutions such as MES or CMMS, contact us to find out how to connect your application with our integrated operations platform and have your production data governance centralised.

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