ICT solutions, named after its real meaning Information and Communication Technology, are a set of solutions that help their companies in different sectors to enhance the quality and security of their assets, infrastructures and operations.

They are especially relevant for complex supply chains, such as the oil and gas industry. Often the different parts that encompass the whole value chain are so extensive and independent that the services or products that reach the end consumer do not meet quality expectations.

The oil and gas sector generates very large and complex data which is extremely hard to manage, and the digital maturity of the industry is well below those also dedicated to heavy assets, such as transport, telecommunications, banking and industrial manufacturing.

This, together with the need to generate cleaner energy, creates a complex environment for the industry, with ICT solutions being especially relevant for its prosperity. In this post we tell you how these solutions have driven evolution in the sector.

ICT solutions and digitalisation of the sector

Over the last few years, new leading ICTs have been emerging to offer greater safety and efficiency in the oil and gas industry. These solutions drive the digital transformation of the industry and develop the efficiency of the entire value chain and its competitiveness, accelerating the transition to a smart industry.

These solutions are capable of strengthening digital infrastructure and covering the entire industrial chain, from exploration, production, storage and transportation to distribution itself. Some of the features and benefits that these technology platforms and operating models offer are explained in the points below.

Control, monitor and manage your productive processes

ICT Benefits for the Oil & Gas Industry

The intense market rivalry emphasises plant efficiency like never before. That’s why the new leading ICTs offer greater safety and efficiency in the oil and gas industry:

  • New ICT solutions are able to cover the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors to combine digital production with security control and improve productivity.
  • These solutions are able to improve energy efficiency, offering greater optimisation of the natural resources used, reducing energy and raw material consumption, and improving the recycling of so-called electronic waste.
  • They improve the social values of the industry, such as capital savings, higher productivity, lower water consumption and lower carbon dioxide emissions.
  • They unlock very promising capabilities such as predictive maintenance, remote operations centers, dynamic power selection mode, omnichannel retail, and connected service fields.

Industry-specific ICT solutions Oil & Gas

  • Geographic information systems: to be able to manage, even remotely, dispersed data from the real world and plant. Relying on IoT technology for a better connected system.
  • Operational intelligence and in-plant data capture/analysis: integrate all kinds of internal and external signals to make informed decisions.
  • Industrial production quality controls: avoiding unsatisfactory results during the process itself.
  • Optimisation and management of warehouse maintenance: through predictive analysis and dynamic stock adjustments.

Intelligent distribution: ability to optimise tanks and have optimised charging and transfer processes, creating intelligent electricity networks.

From accurate and efficient measurement of silos and tanks to high-precision custody transfer and terminal automation, ICT solutions offer a full range of technologies and facilities, integrated into a scalable integrated trading platform such as Nexus Integra, deliver consistent operational and safety concepts for high performance, as well as simple and safe operations.

Apply ICT solutions with Nexus Integra

In order to meet growing energy demand and the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, energy companies are exploring new production and business models to address these challenges in a sustainable, reliable and cost-effective manner.

The way to achieve this is through digitalisation. According to Huawei, “the digital strategy is projected to create about $1.58 trillion in value for the oil and gas industry from 2016 to 2025.” From this arises an obvious need for digital solutions applied to complex engineering processes, among which is the integrated trading platform Nexus Integra, capable of carrying out a real digital transformation. If you are interested in how to achieve this, please contact us. We will be happy to help you!

With Nexus Integra you can accurately and intelligently measure all the systems involved in your supply chain, and obtain specific data needed to control any production environment, through an industrial IoT solution with an integrated operational platform.

In addition, our partners specialised in the Oil&Gas industry allow us to ensure the highest level of quality in the solutions we apply to our customers. Contact us so we can tell you more.