In today’s world, companies need to manage increasing amounts of data. This is a growing reality. It is confirmed by the main indexes relating to the matter.

According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, the worldwide annual IP traffic will reach 4.8 ZB (Zettabytes) by 2022, which is to say 396 Exabytes (EB) per month. In 2017, the global IP traffic was 1.5 Zettabytes per year, or 122 EB per month.

In Ericsson’s world data traffic annual report (Mobility Report), mobile data traffic increased by 78% between the second quarter of 2018 and the second quarter of 2019. This growth meant that traffic exceeded 32 EB across the globe.

This exponential data increase, in conjunction with the fact that data sources are becoming increasingly dispersed (mobile, desktop, databases, tablets, IoT sensors, etc.), forces companies to seek solutions that will allow them to manage data more effectively.

In this context, Nexus Integra offers organizations a global operating environment to be able to manage all data and leverage the benefits of having a framework of this kind.

How can your company obtain an operating environment thanks to Nexus Integra?

The Nexus Integra solution allows for the complete integration of any kind of information source, whether from sensors, corporate systems or proprietary database, as well as for the management of this information in a simple and intuitive manner.

When the program compiles all the data and integrates it into the Data Core, it provides access to them by means of four default apps or third-party applications.

These four applications allow the user to create his own personalized views of information in the form of SCADAs, dashboards, reports and alarms with a simple drag & drop interface, without the need for any kind of programming. All of this, while generating a global operating environment that guarantees the full control and knowledge of the company since day one, without the need for any kind of configuration by information source providers (data is made independent from hardware and software providers).

In this way, Nexus Integra allows for the remote control of industrial assets and their related production processes in a simple, agile way. All of this is possible thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies.

What technologies are required to obtain it?

Nexus Integra is a platform completely developed on open source technologies that allows company needs to be addressed across various sectors through digitalization and industrial automation, IoT and Big Data.

  • Digitalization and industrial automation. The technologies that allow for the digitalization of information and automation of industrial processes, such as those offered by Nexus Integra, can streamline and optimize procedures.
  • IoT. IoT is a concept that refers to the digital interconnection of everyday items via the Internet. These items generate data that is shared on the network and, through the advanced technologies integrated into Nexus Integra, is collected on a platform and sorted for analysis.
  • Big Data. Big Data refers to large volumes of highly complex, exponentially growing data, which requires advanced solutions such as Nexus Integra for its collection, management and storage, since conventional tools make the process difficult.

A company that uses a solution of this kind can benefit from a number of advantages.

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How does an operating environment benefit a company?

Organizations that implement a technology that can provide a global operating environment can more easily manage data obtained from various sources, as well as obtain valuable information to improve the business’s performance.

They have a tool that does not require setup or programming, and therefore, can manage the information in a simpler way, achieving a higher degree of control over the business operations.

Companies that want to benefit from the advantages of having an operating environment can do so with a single solution such as Nexus Integra. Organizations that opt for this solution will have the following needs covered:

  • Unconstrained information: thanks to the integration of any data source with the platform’s Data Core, the need to count with hardware and software providers to make modifications is eliminated.
  • Information centralization and standardization: all data from all company facilities that are geographically scattered is integrated and unified into a single Control Center.
  • Company knowledge and control: history and real-time control and knowledge of everything that takes place in the company. Nexus Integra is enterprise-oriented due to its capability to integrate different sources of information or preexisting corporate applications.
  • Full information accessibility: the web API allows developers to obtain data in a way that is structured and agile. This allows them to develop high added-value applications at a much lower cost.
  • Information visualization: thanks to the four applications offered by Nexus Integra out of the box, the information contained in data can be visualized since day one, offering complete control, autonomy and knowledge of the company since the very beginning.
  • Decision making support: all of these features provide an unsurpassed assistance in decision making, in addition to making the process agile, effective and efficient.

A company can benefit from all of these advantages if it chooses to implement Nexus Integra. If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us.

Discover the process of obtaining an operating environment through Nexus Integra

If a company decides to implement the Nexus Integra solution, it must keep in mind that the main requirement for its deployment is for all sources of information to be connected to a server, so that information can be compiled and accessed by the solution.

In case the company is poorly digitalized, it will be necessary to install the right devices and infrastructure to be able to direct the desired information from the data sources to a common hub.

Once this is solved, the technical team will need to determine the dimensions of the future platform, the degree of digitalization of the company, the number of variables (tags), the client’s requirements regarding the storage characteristics of each of them and the number of connectors (SW interfaces) that are required based on the architecture’s functional requirements and required redundancy.

After this preliminary process, the solution is implemented.

Thanks to its broad partner ecosystem, Nexus Integra covers all the necessary areas for the integration, deployment, implementation, operation and maintenance of the platform. Furthermore, the solution offers a wide range of technological solutions for a great variety of sectors.

The main profiles of Nexus Integra partners include:

  • System integrators: for the implementation, configuration, administration and support of the Nexus Integra platform.
  • Technology consultants and distributors: to offer and sell advanced software solutions for different sectors based on an IoT and Big Data industrial platform.
  • Vertical providers: to develop and scale SW certified applications that expand the Nexus Integra ecosystem.

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Who can benefit from the operating environment offered by Nexus Integra?

Various sectors can leverage the advantages of having an operating environment.

The water utilities sector can use our solution to monitor the control strategies of a water distribution network in real time, or remotely control and manage water stations and determine the probability of infection with cryptosporidium as a consequence of the intake of water treated in the water treatment plants.

The industrial sector can also benefit from Nexus Integra if it wants to monitor and digitalize production, thereby taking control of the entire process, or if it wants to address production errors, since the predictive model detects manufacturing errors in advance, among other benefits.

Many companies from different sectors can leverage the advantages of having an operating environment such as Nexus Integra. Do you want to be one of them? Contact us!

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