Nexus Integra is the integrated operations platform that allows you to connect all your equipment and system and process them using Big Data technology, providing you with a unique operations framework for monitoring and analysing your business.

Optimise costs and make your business profitable thanks to the Data Analytics layer supported by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which allows for 360º visualisation of the company and your business model.

The platform is based on open source technologies, which allow to manage all the installations in a flexible and modular way. In addition, its configurable nature and ease of use gives companies full autonomy and independence when acquiring, managing or visualising assets and data depending on the changes in production.

To facilitate production optimisation, Nexus Integra has a set of services available in an API, which facilitate the development and scalability of resources and reduce production costs.

How does Nexus Integra work?

Nexus Integra is a software product, a platform that allows the ingestion of a large amount of data from different sources, structured and unstructured, in a Big Data Base. All these independent data and in many cases isolated in silos, are unified, structured and standardized to later exploit and visualise them in vertical applications.

All data is accessible from anywhere, as it is a web application. Data consumption can be raw, processed, or advanced algorithmic. In addition, it allows the exploitation and management of assets in real time or on the historical data.

The platform consists of a powerful three-layer structure that helps companies to integrate, acquire, standardize, unify, manage and display data in a simple way:

Nexus Connect – Data Intake: Acquisition of large amounts of data regardless of the source, allowing interoperability with other corporate information systems.

Nexus Core – Data processing: It standardizes, structures and unifies the acquired data providing a single data core for the exploitation of information in a transversal way.

Nexus Applications – Data visualisation: Exploit and obtain value from the data thanks to the native applications: Smart SCADA, dashboards, integral alarm manager, reports, Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning and other third party applications through our API Rest.

Nexus Integra Applications

Nexus Integra has native applications to manage, control and monitor data; Smart SCADA, Dashboards, Alarms, Reports and Machine Learning. All of them designed under the premise of being simple, customisable and giving independence to the client.

On the other hand, Nexus Integra in its layer of applications has some developed by the partners. These are more specific for each sector, such as renewable energy management, traceability, CMMS, digital twin, etc.

It also allows the connection and use of data from completely external applications such as ERP, MES, SAP, CMMS and Jupyter Notebooks, among others. Nexus Apps achieves this by using a public web API Rest that allows a direct line of two-way communication to be established with Nexus Core.

These apps are capable of importing the necessary data and feeding back Nexus Core to fulfill its function. Their incorporation to the platform is fast and to scale, offering infinite benefits based on state-of-the-art technologies such as IoT, Big Data or ML.

The Nexus Integra platform has been designed with the purpose of allowing an integration and an open use of data, without restrictions or limitations as far as the interaction with these is concerned.

With all this transversality and interconnection of data, it is possible to create reports, dashboards or synoptics in which there is a global vision of the company, production or the intelligent city. All of this makes it possible to observe the most important KPIs, create alarms or even compare the production and operation of several factories or environments in a Smart City.

Benefits of Nexus Applications

Nexus Applications is the layer that allows users to configure the presentation of data and create customised views of the information being integrated. It facilitates data exploitation by offering four proprietary applications based on Nexus Core:


  • Control the equipment, manage, visualise and monitor the production status in real time and navigate through your facilities by means of a map.
  • The Nexus Integra Smart SCADA tool provides a quick and easy way to create a centralised operating environment to manage all the geographically dispersed assets of a company.
  • You will be able to create evolution graphics and 3D SCADAs of the plant distribution, being able to create several synoptics and navigate through them easily.
  • From the Smart SCADA application it is possible to see the dashboards, reports and associated alarms, as well as include information from other applications (MES, ERP etc.), videos, iFrames etc. to have all the information available in a single point and access it easily and quickly.


  • Transforms data into valuable information through interactive and customisable dashboards, with related cross-information from different business areas.
  • This application is the best ally for analysing information processes and making decisions, allowing the user to analyse continuous information processes.
  • You will be able to create comparative studies and plan the next actions and strategies in an informed and precise way.


  • It establishes alarms to be aware of critical processes, being notified of any inconvenience that may occur.
  • The alarm system is customisable and allows you to link all the processes to a managed group of users to be aware of any event that is outside the normal range of values.
  • A very powerful tool that will allow you to organize and categorize all the defined alarm rules according to different criteria, being able to send them by Whatsapp, Email or SMS.


  • Easily create graphs of the evolution of any process and analyse trends in production using both online and offline data history and with MS Excel and PDF reports.
  • Configure reports based on system data and data views, and share reports and data histories with the rest of the company and standardise across the organisation.

App Machine Learning

  • Leverages specialised algorithms and artificial intelligence to provide advanced analysis to understand process behaviour in an easy, intuitive and scalable way.
  • The ML app manages different advanced algorithms, to be able to launch them depending on the data received in real time from the production process and thus adapt the production, also allowing the best business decisions to be made by comparing historical trends and real time data.

In addition to these internal applications, Nexus Integra has a Rest API, which allows a secure exchange of information between external applications and the Nexus core. This information, which flows in both directions, can be used by these applications to feed their own systems, or by Nexus Integra’s apps to add complementary information, such as AI results or ML algorithms etc.

Users can access external applications from the main menu or from the Canvas app. These applications can be incorporated quickly and at scale on the platform, expanding the ecosystem of solutions to meet the needs of each business.

How will Nexus Integra benefit your company?

With Nexus Integra you can create, personalise, integrate and cover your needs without limits. Its three layers, which provide the interconnection of services, offer a series of benefits for companies and make Nexus Integra an open operating environment:

  • The platform is 100% configurable by the user: it adapts totally to the needs of each client, being able to personalise the way of acquiring, managing or visualising data and assets without programming knowledge. In addition, it offers the possibility of integrating external applications in a simple way.
  • Interoperable and independent of the supplier: it makes it possible to govern data in a simple, centralised and scalable manner, thus giving full autonomy and independence to organisations to act freely with regard to data.
  • Capable of reducing the cost of developing new SW applications by up to 70%: to facilitate the need to optimise resources at a lower cost, Nexus Integra has a set of services available in an API that allows the development of any vertical application based on the Nexus Integra data core.
  • Scalable in terms of expanding areas of action or scopes of action: it is possible to add new elements without the platform becoming inoperative or reducing its efficiency and to scale up installations without major costs. Furthermore, as it is open, it allows companies not to be tied to proprietary technologies, guaranteeing the autonomy and scalability of the business.

Your operating environment with Nexus Integra

With Nexus Integra it is easier than ever to create an integrated and automated operations environment, which extracts maximum value from data to optimise production processes.

The Nexus Integra platform is easy, intuitive and flexible, you can manage your operations on a single screen and act from anywhere you are with the Nexus Applications layer.

Through the applications of the third layer, you will be able to visualise, operate and analyse all your data and processes to make the best decisions for your company in real time.

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