Nexus Integra is a proven integrated operations platform that drives the digital transformation of companies in very different sectors with very particular and unique needs.

The Nexus Integra platform squeezes the maximum value of all data that organisations have access to, both internal and external, to provide an overview of what is happening within them.

Three layers shape the operation of Nexus Integra’s structure:

  • Nexus Connect: it acquires large amounts of data regardless of source, enabling interoperability with other corporate information systems.
  • Nexus Core: standardises, structure, and unifies acquired data by providing a single data core for cross-cutting information exploitation.
  • Nexus Apps: exploits and unleashes data value with native apps: Smart SCADA, dashboards, comprehensive alarm manager, reports, Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning, and other third-party applications through our Rest API.

With this post we will understand the true value of Nexus Integra’s technology ecosystem and how its architecture is designed to feedback with external applications and verticals.

How does our technology network work?

The Nexus Integra architecture has been designed with a maximum degree of flexibility to be able to:

  • Scale according to the number of installations, data and users.
  • Adapt to any system, equipment, sensor or application.
  • Be applicable to any type of customer or sector.

Its open nature allows Nexus Integra to offer companies in various sectors the opportunity to create solutions that provide added value, through the management, operation and exploitation of data. Thanks to its Rest API, the platform is constantly integrating the development of new fully interconnected applications.

Nexus Integra is able to quickly integrate, develop and deploy new third-party applications, tailored to each customer’s particular needs and supported by disruptive technologies such as Big Data, Machine Learning or IoT.

These third-party applications are designed by highly specialised companies that make available to Nexus Integra customers a very wide catalog of solutions specific to each need and / or sector. It is these alliances with experts in the different vertical sectors that make Nexus Integra a powerful technological network with the ability to lead digital transformation in endless scenarios.

Discover more about how our partners ecosystem works

How do our different types of partners benefit?

In Nexus Integra we look to continuously incorporate new strategic and different sector partners to grow our ecosystem of proven solutions. Depending on your needs and goals, you can connect with applications developed by third parties or develop the best solution according to your needs. Here are the different benefits of becoming our partner, depending on the profile that identifies you the most.

Here are the different benefits of becoming our partner, depending on the profile that identifies you the most.

Technology/IT consultants and distributors

We are always open to new partners who collaborate with us in the sale and advice of advanced software solutions, based on an industrial IoT and Big Data platform.

We offer you the opportunity to expand your product catalog and offer novel solutions to your current customers. We have the most cutting-edge technologies: Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics among others.

These solutions have been extensively tested in Industry 4.0 and smart cities, Nexus Integra gives you the ability to deploy them with your customers in a simple and scalable way. In the same way, you will be able to reach a much wider range of customers, crossing the barriers of your scope of action and increasing the value of your services.

The Nexus Integra Rest API allows you to scale customised and specialised solutions for your customers, without having to be captive of a single provider. Join us without having to give up the rest of your platforms.

System integrators and developers

A critical part of our ecosystem is integrators and developers, who support us in platform deployment, configuration, management, and support.

Nexus Integra solves the problem of unstructured information and provides developers and integrators with data in a standardised way. Through our public API Rest website, it allows us to obtain them much faster and more economically, also allowing feedback between the applications and the Nexus Core layer.

We help you increase your business share, allowing you to diversify your product portfolio with turnkey solutions at no additional cost. If you are looking to offer long-term security and trust for your customers, you can count on Nexus Integra as your starting point, from which you can build and integrate your own solutions independently and without ties or exclusivity.

Join a multipurpose provider, from which you can integrate all your services and reduce development costs, offering the latest technology. You can stay up to date on all the technological innovations as we continue to grow hand in hand.

Vertical providers/technology partners

Last but not least, we continually seek technology partners focused on developing powerful new software applications or scaling existing proven applications.

Our technology partners will be able to develop their applications and connect them to a safe, open and scalable environment, being able to increase the profits of their company regardless of the industrial sector to which they belong.

With Nexus Integra, you can unify all data sources and make them accessible through a Rest API, solving the complex access and processing of raw data. This will increase the value and demand of your product, getting a single global access point and data query.

Increase your ability to adapt to the needs of each company or organisation, working hand in hand with a tailored solution that allows you to specifically address your customers’ problems. We provide you with a strategic alliance that reduces costs and increases the value of your verticals, without the need for a substantial investment.

How to become part of Nexus Integra?

The Nexus Integra Ecosystem is a set of software products and solutions that can cover different technology sectors, from sensory hardware to Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Reality, based on the IoT and Big Data platform itself. Nexus Integra is the perfect partner to transform the technology ecosystem, allowing companies to integrate disruptive technologies into their business models to increase the value of their services and operations.

Do you want to be part of our ecosystem? Contact us without obligation so we can tell you how.

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