Digital transformation is no longer an option for businesses. It has become an essential for the existence of them, and also allows them to have a quicker response to market changes. There is no doubt, that the digitalization of businesses has become a vital element for their survival and success.

Businesses that had not yet undertaken or ended digital transformation experience now difficult moments or even have had to close. While those that are completely digitalized will leave strengthened in the post-Covid era. The pandemic has proven and accelerated it, whatever their sector.

But how should businesses approach a real digital transformation? What advantages does it provide?  What tools are required?

The next webinar organised by Las Provincias and Go Hub will expect a panel of experts that have led the digital transformation, either in its businesses or in others of different sectors.

Salvador Herrando Hervás, Operations and Sales Director in Nexus Integra, along with the rest of panellists, will give an answer to these questions and share their cases of success.

  • María Jesús Márquez Díaz from Consum Cooperativa Valenciana
  • Juan Francisco Maestre Picón from Global Omnium
  • Jose Gustavo Mallol Gasch from ITC – Instituto de Tecnología Cerámica
  • Juan Candela from Las Provincias
  • Modera Angel Ramirez Carot