Nexus Integra in the platform used in the SARS-GOanalytics solution of Global Omnium

In Nexus Integra we are very proud of being part of the #SARS-GOanalytics, a method that allows monitoring how the pandemic is behaving in treatment plant entries and in sewerage of populations.

SARS-GOAnalytics is a pioneer method validated by the IATA-CSIC capable of determining the number of genomic units of virus that COVID 19 induces present per litre of water, and, therefore, of establishing the epidemic curve after carrying out data and analysis sampling. Its methodology will allow to anticipate some of the indicators to use, and to cross data with the one Health Service collects, in order to add information and build a more perfect photo of the progression or recoil of the pandemic in Valencian grounds.

Through Nexus Integra the results of SARS-GOanalytics and other parameters such as health and climatological data are integrated, in order to monitor and discriminate the relevant information for decision making.

Well done Global Omnium, Idrica and Gamaser!

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