Nexus Integra is the integrated operational platform that drives industrial companies to access all the advantages of the digital transformation. Process optimization, development of predictive maintenance and important cost reductions are some of the benefits of implementing a Big Data and IoT platform like Nexus Integra.

Nexus Integra for your digital transformation offers an integrated operational platform that allows tracking, real-time data analysis and remote monitoring of production processes in order to avoid possible failures and achieve more efficient production and decision making based on data analysis.

But how is the process to implement Nexus in a company? What requirements must a company develop to start its path towards the digital transformation? We analyze it through this article.

What do you need to implement Nexus Integra?

In any company, there are different levels of digitalization: there are organizations that have already taken their first steps and others that know they need it but have not yet begun their transformation. Therefore, depending on the level of digitalization in which the company is, from Nexus Integra we offer different possibilities.

Nexus Integra consists of an integrated operational platform that acts as a Big Data and IoT platform. Therefore, the first requirement for its installation is that the company has the necessary infrastructure to collect data digitally. In other words, the company is sensorized and digitized, and that its data already has the possibility of being digital.

Digitized plant infrastructure: cabling, sensors, PLCs, robots and electronics must be part of the company’s processes, so that it is already sensorized and interconnected.

The arrival of Nexus Integra will allow managing all this information in a simple and unified way in a single platform at a face to face or remote level.

However, we have managed projects in which the client had not taken the step towards its digital transformation: they had not sensorized, wired or digitized their production. In this case, we have the help of partners, specialized in the installation of sensors and wiring that are able to develop this part of the work, offering from the beginning solutions adapted to our clients.

In this way, we put into practice teamwork with our partners: professionals of the sector who analyze the productive process of the company and offer personalized solutions according to it.

Although it is an essential condition for the installation of Nexus Integra, this part is nevertheless independent from the platform and it is the most expensive one both at the economic level and in terms of time.

Furthermore, although from Nexus Integra we make available to our clients the contact with our reliable partners, it is a process that can also be done independently.

Step by step to activate Nexus Integra

Once the company has an infrastructure with the capacity to obtain digitized data of all the productive process, the project to implement Nexus Integra begins. To do this, certain tasks related to the implementation of its components and configuration appear. All this with the objective of guaranteeing that the company has access to all the benefits of implementing an Iot and Big Data platform in the industrial environment.

The technical meetings

In Nexus Integra we meet with the company interested in a first place to establish the current state of the company, Technologies, data and information sources that you want to include in Nexus Integra, suppliers, applications that you want to hire, etc. , as well as what objectives it pursues and what possible challenges we might find in the installation process. We set the scope of the project and detect problems and solutions adapted to the customer’s facilities.

In addition, at this time it is also determined which users will use the platform and which departments of the company will be involved.

The economic offer and the work plan

After determining the needs and information sources of the company, in Nexus Integra we provide a personalized and adjusted economic offer, depending on the objectives to be achieved and the dimensioning of the installation (variables, connectors and native applications. if you want SaS or a complete license).

At the same time, our project managers of the operations team establish a work plan that guides the implementation of Nexus Integra, so that the tasks are divided according to dates and people involved and at all times the next step is known. The project is controlled and monitored in a personalized way.

Installation and configuration of Nexus Integra

The Nexus Integra team deploys, configures and implements all the components of the platform, as well as the configuration settings aimed at granting and ensuring secure access to the system by the various users who will make use of it and the different data intake channels required so that all the data is available to the customer to start creating and configuring a suitable operating environment. The deployment of the platform is carried out by specialist technicians with a sufficiently detailed knowledge of each of the components, as well as familiar with the quality tests required to guarantee the correct functioning of the platform.

Once the platform is deployed and with all data connected, Nexus Integra offers different options for the generation of the operating environment and the configuration of screens:

  • Technical training to the company’s staff so they can create the reports, alarms, dashboards, synoptics,…
  • Configuration and creation by the Nexus Integra team of the views of variables, reports and screens.
  • Collaboration with one of our integration partners who will carry out these first tasks.

In any case, this accompaniment serves to make a faster implementation, since the clients will be trained in the platform so that they can make the adjustments and modifications that they wish, thus promoting their independence.


After the installation of Nexus Integra, our team also trains all the users of the platform. Both the administrators and all the users that will use the platform, so they can understand how it works and how to get the best out of it.

Why Nexus Integra?

Nexus Integra appears as the definitive platform for the management and control of the productive processes of all the facilities and assets, with which the companies can give the definitive jump towards the Industry 4.0. Among others, it presents the following advantages:

Enables complete integration

  • It combines technically and geographically dispersed data.
  • Connects companies with their production and business data.
  • It is based on open-source technologies.
  • Agnostic platform.

Drives the organization

  • It manages data in a simple, centralized and scalable way.
  • Manages heterogeneous processes in a uniform way.
  • A single operating platform from which to control the status of all installations in real time.

Improves efficiency

  • Makes efficient and profitable work processes possible.
  • Allows access to data from any location.
  • Maximizes the autonomy and independence of the client, thanks to the training that at Nexus Integra make sure to give.
  • Reduces response times to corrective maintenance work, in addition to defining preventive and predictive maintenance actions.
  • Reduces maintenance costs.
  • It generates historical data that allows you to define patterns and apply LMA.
  • Personalized and managerial dashboards for decision making.
  • Customized alarms.
  • Remote operation of all your assets.

All this in a personalized and flexible way, so that the company has access to a platform that really helps it to make better decisions, more quickly and efficiently, based on data that reflects the reality of its processes.

Do you want to know more about how to implement Nexus Integra and what benefits it would bring to your company? Contact us so that we can study your case and receive personalized assistance.

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