Big data

Data Science vs. Big Data vs. Data Analytics

In ‘Data Science vs. Big Data vs. Data Analytics’ we explain the differences between these three concepts, the applications for each of them and how they are connected.

Digital transformation

Industry 5.0: the new revolution

Since the first Industrial Revolution, the human being has understood the potential of applying technology as a means of progress.

Digital transformation

7 Industrial IoT applications

Industrial IoT is defined as a network of devices, machinery and sensors connected to each other and to the Internet, with the purpose of collecting data and analyze it to apply this information in continuous process improvement.

Smart City

Top 10 Smart Cities

Many different cities have applied smart technology to improve the day-to-day of their citizens, avoid unnecessary costs and foster efficiency in their resource management.

Digital transformation

Coronavirus, confinement, integrated remote operation and digital transformation. Why waste time reading this post?

We are in shock. All of us. For a few weeks now, it has been very complicated for us (impossible in many cases) to predict how the future will behave based on our past experience. Even the shortest-term future.

Digital transformation

Smart security to improve Smart Cities

it will be vital to take smart security measures to guarantee that these improvements are not compromised or threatened.

Big data

The 8 data analysis tools that every developer should know

The world of business and technology is awakening, starting to become aware of, and use, the huge potential that data analysis science has in store for them.