Smart City

Top 10 Smart Cities

Many different cities have applied smart technology to improve the day-to-day of their citizens, avoid unnecessary costs and foster efficiency in their resource management. In our Smart Cities top 10 we analyze the challenges that many cities around the world […]

Digital transformation

Smart security to improve Smart Cities

Smart Cities imply the implementation of digital technology to improve the quality of life of a city’s inhabitants. The purpose of these cities is to solve some of the problems that are expected to emerge in the cities of the […]

Big data

Big Data and Smart Cities

The arrival of Smart Cities posits a paradigm shift for cities and a true transformation that leads to more sustainable and habitable cities. The combination of Big Data and Smart Cities is one of the most powerful trends in the […]

Smart City

Smart infrastructures: essential for smart cities

Connectivity is no longer a thing of computers and mobile devices. It can now be found on televisions, watches, alarm clocks, cars, any item that is part of your day-to-day. We live in the time of the Internet of Things […]

Big data

Rest Api: why you need them

The advancement of Internet has changed the way in which many companies, and also programmers, work. The transition of applications to the web implies also moving the APIs to the internet, yet APIs, as they were conceived, were not adapted […]