Digital transformation

The 4 industries that benefit the most from machine learning

Machine Learning is one of the branches of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that has the most future potential and offers the most benefits to the industry. According to the latest report by Grand View Research, the machine learning market will reach […]

Digital transformation

Why operational intelligence is key for making business decisions

Software and IT equipment in businesses have become much more than purely transactional systems: thanks to operational intelligence, they nowadays enable companies to make more efficient data-based decisions. In an increasingly complex world, companies that apply these systems will obtain […]

Digital transformation

Everything about an Industrial IoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market has great growth potential, thanks to the demand for Machine-to-Machine systems, the need to contextualize operations technology (TO) data and the trend of predictive maintenance. These factors are the main market drivers, according […]

Digital transformation

Nexus Integra: The integrated operational platform you need

The growth of a company is associated with the increase in operations and the difficulty of managing the company’s data. The larger the company, the more diverse the information systems and the more complex it becomes to manage them since […]

Big data

The 9 machine learning applications you should know about

With the dizzying advance in technology in recent years, machine learning applications have multiplied. Increasingly, machine learning technology is understood as a service. Therefore, there are already a number of utilities that are revolutionizing markets and industry, automating processes and […]